Amber: Something Wicked

Session 15 Admiral Wabbit, Mistress Fiona... Vacation Plans

Saturday Jun 16th game
“Vall spawn” flee from battle after they feel Vall’s Death.
Little Red and Will Teleport over to close shadow paths created in the invasion. Some other amber groups go to other portals. Little Red and Will feel someone teleport near the portal that Little Red is closing. Vall troops are still pouring out the portal. A “Tiger” heads towards the portal. Will hits it with a dagger with paralytic poison on it, subduing her (with some work). They spot another spawn that is flying and Will hits him with a dagger as well. Little Red closes a Shadow path. Some other defenders pretend to be Vall and usher some of the enemy back through the portals. Little Red and Will track another spawn fleeing through shadow. We capture him. Little Red and Will captured 3 Vall spawn while the rest of the amber defenders captured 7.
Fiona takes over her pattern and the elementals love her and heal her wounds. Fiona creates a trump out of rock as notice for anyone who would like to walk her pattern.

[Fiona returns to The Pattern Formerly Mastered By Vall. The local elementals go all-out to make friends by healing her of her remaining burns and ocular damage. She seems to be both appreciative and amused.

Fiona alters the rules to Fiona’s Pattern: whomever she wishes may walk it, she says. She then raises a monolith, smooths a side and engraves a Trump on it with an enchanted fingernail. When finished she writes an invitation above it in Thari, inviting parties interested in walking her Pattern to Trump through and interview for the privilege. Lisette takes the opportunity to walk Fiona’s pattern – Gotta catch them all!!!

Fi thanks Gaius & company for the help and dismisses them. She’ll be acquiring underlings from a position of power, comfort and safety. When — if — she returns she’ll bring her own army.]
Vall spawn attack the Shadow Deiga. They are failing in there attack and the Vall spawn flee. We all get together and chase one ship that is running away with a large storm around it. We are lent a ship form Deiga to chase them down. We use elementals and probability to catch and immobilize the ship we are chasing. We find one dead Vall spawn and find out that the other one fled. We fail in catching the other one. On the ship Lisette frees 2 storm fey which promise to grant her a favor in the future (which they never expect to grant). Little Red gems the dead Vall spawn about 50% successfully. We head back to Deiga with the survivors of both ships.

[The attack fails when all the zombies wake up, get a clue and go apeshit on their former masters.

They chase the Vallspawn admiral who, unlike most of her siblings, has an exit plan. Exit Plan A — sail away fast with slaved storm-fae providing perfect winds — falls to probability tricks. Plan B — shapeshift into a fish and wait for the pursuers to go away — works. Shapeshift to Any Animal + SS Aura: 8 points of pure gold for the former admiral.]
We make preparations for our gifts and entertainment for Night. We meet up and Lisette trumps Night. We present her with our gifts. Little Red prepared a banquet with magically mutated meat and vegetables. Makers come to join the festivities. Gaius gives Night a deed and a trump to a villa in Rema (not sure the spelling). Lisette shows them plays [she rented the Royal Shakespeare Company] and also gives Night 2 trumps of places in Earth. It is decided that Night will get a hold of Will when she is ready to take part on his outing designed for her. Night then takes us through her castle to the draught of inspiration. We each take a drink and are changed for ever!!!

[All four are all World Class Bards, capable of whipping up verse in minutes in any style they are familiar with. Given time to prep they can make an audience, cheer, weep and laugh. Plus several points of Inspiration good for most Attributes and/or any Power. They’ll need some practice time/training to practice said gains into usefulness.]
We then decide to go to a sped up shadow created by a pattern master. (I am a little unclear on what was finally decided with this part)
[Gaius, hearing of William’s 100:1 fast time feat suggests to Vialle-Inanna that his sister could become a very useful Trump Artist in jiff time practicing somewhere at the better-than-that time ration a Pattern Mistress (with a high Psyche) could manage. Vialle likes the idea and could really use some time to meditate (read: solidify her dominance in the Vialle-Inanna psyche) and rest. Random has suggestions for the shadow’s R&R specs. William and Little Red invite themselves along thinking about lots of time for Conjuring and research. Lisette jumps on the bandwagon thinking about tons of leisurely time for Trump making, gestation and talking about relationships with Bel.

Vialle and Random are bemused but not adverse: this shadow will have to be in the Middle Realms because Heaven is not geared for shadow creation any more than the Otherworld is, and tag-alongs = backup if there is trouble. Also: it’ll be a whole planet; they won’t be crowding each other. Vialle figures she can manage maybe 300:1 for a day or two PSTR*, with a day or two to get there. Anyone can Trump out at any time.

They have a couple of days to get ready for the trip.

*PTSR = Pattern Standard Time Rate]



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