Amber: Something Wicked

Session 12: Care & Feeding of Shadows

William, Lisette, Little Red. Gauis was still running his coked out sister through the woods & and Honey Do’s for his Mom who is posing as the Empress.

o Lisette called by Mom – during small talk time after vigorous sessions with Bel. Earth was sped up to 5x for Trump purposes.
News of the hour –
• Corwin is dead – pulled brain parasite and he went berserk – choked Eric to the point of crushed neck, and Dierdre ran sword through head. Another death chalked up to Oberon.
• Martin in Rebma, begging forgiveness for being a dick and listening to Oberon.
• Fiona not available, even via Trump
• Brand not here, couldn’t Trump Fiona when he was, out with the Red’s
• Benny in Japan, Katsume is blipping in and out.
• Florimel holds the Lamborghini record from Stuttgart to Hamburg

Flora wants Lisette to extend invitation to visit Earth to Bel. She also wants him to meet with the new Pattern Masters, Moire and Julian. (They have days of experience and no training, Bel has millenia of experience.) Lisette will propose the solution to him, and see what he says.

o William is training the ‘boyz’, two bodyguards – spies, one big(Utu)(Triton – Shifter) for Moire, the other unremarkable(Quill)(spy). William is trying to stay on the good side of Moire. Takes them shadow walking first. Going to the world that they are allied with General Ervin.

o Little Red is consolidating Sorcerers in his world. Sent a message to every sorcerer in the Shadow. “I am the Astronomicon, voice of the Universe, Hear me O’ Sorcerers. I am now the source of all magic in the Realm. Bow towards the East, and utter these worlds, “Insert Ritual of the Progenitor’s Here” Person’s not following these directives, will be subject to spontaneous energy release.”

Looking to increase the Mantle for magiking. He also is giving Will the spiders with monkey intelligence. He’s is very fast at building racks and filling same. Building citadel. No hippo motif on the citadel. Hippo Guardians are just the first. Were-orca’s for the sea lanes?

o Back to William. Quill is really damn good at the skulking, thieving around. Utu is good, but not as good as Will. Both are better under the water. Quill has minor conjuration. Both Minor shapeshifters. Utu wants to go to someplace like Juraissic Park to hunt something, Couple of days out and then getting lead back. Found /Polonesians/ [something like a Maori war band] with a boat – wants to take the dino head back. Get back to Rebma, sail into Amber Harbor. Quill says he’ll get them back home after they rest. William is being recognized as the ‘King’s son’. Polynesians are impressed with Amber, but need a courtesy course in decorum. Stay about three days and then load them up with stuff and send them home. Moire is debriefing William about different things that have been happening. No Pattern walking failures so far but one was close: she’ raising the Psyche bar on who she’s allowing to walk her Pattern. Moire recommends William go to see his father. ‘Cause that’s what you do when you are in town, and he’s in town too.

o Lisette is going to talk to Bel and invite him to see Earth. Lisette speaks on the beauty of Earth and the differences between the worlds. He will agree, but needs a day or so. Setting up events and such. Run down to Rio for a day or so, hit the high spots for things. Contacting Flora to get a hold of Julian, then speak to Llewella to speak to Moire and see if she is busy, or can make it to Earth to meet another owner of Pattern. So Bel comes, and relaxes. Sunbathing and such in Rio.

o Little Red blesses Gem cutting and with his big brain, looking to do gem cutting on the gem of people that he captured the Psyche in. Finds out that, sadly there’s no correlation between the parts of the gem and where any given imprisoned spirit, or part of same, is within it. Physically the gems are diamonds formed from local carbon and enchanted up to many times normal hardness. Experimenting to unravel the spirit that is inside the ‘diamond’. Turned him into a ‘proto-elemental’ and then conjured said elemental to animating the matter around it.

o Corwin’s funeral, finds out a few things. Moire introduces Morwyn, Corwin’s and Moire’s daughter, a precocious four year old. Kept under wraps. Eric shocked as well. [Everyone was under the impression that the window of Amberite fertility had closed some time ago.] Afterward, a wake with many stiff drinks all around. Then Dragons happened. One trumped in, and a second was coming. Lisette, Llewella, Brand & Flora forced the second out, and the poor bastard sole dragon stuck in the courtyard (where offensive spells work fine) gets ganged by half the family. Lisette got some impressions from the dying dragons mind, it was Val: he intended to pop 4-5 dragons in as meat shields and then Thrall Amber City personally. Could be Blaise’s deck, who was captured and/or dead, and Fiona was injured in attack and has not been heard of since. Nothing in the story details where and how this attack was carried out. The very toxic dragon is rendered, processed, moved up the mountain and burned via elemental animation by the several family conjurors present – some of the stronger members will be getting a new bow or two out of it, and Lisette got a quart of poison from the Dragon. Lisette also suggests that the courtyard be changed so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Eric wants the remains of the Dragon — some clinkers — in an urn. Val seems to be exploring options but has bad luck with timing. Julian was thinking about Val trying different quick and dirty options. Thralls are not the uber powerful thing that he envisioned that they were. They are still effective, but not with someone who is good and powerful that is directly involved on the battlefield, they lose their effectiveness. Folks decided to get balls drunk and then other people wandered away.

o William is now the Warleader of Velociraptors. ADHD raptors. Tribal things – large carnivores and now he is attempting to put together an army. Horse trading is happening – but using spider monkeys and mastodon riders. Apparently William ‘has a nice little shadow’. Going to shadow walk to find the magic ‘meat beans’.

o Little Red is exploring his shadow – getting the lay of the land. Finding some civilizations that are thriving. Building links between civilizations. Putting time into building routes between countries. Iron Age empires. Needs to kill big sea beasties, who are magically engineered weapons of mass destruction, not properly part of the ecology, and in his way. Decides to identify and curse all of them.

o Lisette and Bel are enjoying Earth and cultural experiences. Summit happens – Julian is civil, Moire has her people with her. Pattern master talk happens. Going into the advanced things that can be done. Stealth, Cursing, Scrying, Nullification, Starry Way. All three (and Lis & Flo) go to attempt to lower the Barrier. Using Nullification to lower resistance and wall, Lisette is working with Probability control, but drops, Flora drops, Moire drops to a knee. Julian and Bel finally drop the sucker, and now the migraine is ours to cherish for a job well done. But the Barrier is down. Gathers up everyone and gets out of the area very quickly. Either Val or Oberon were close, Lisette could feel them getting really close. But Trumped back to Earth. Recovery all around.



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