Amber: Something Wicked

Session 17 Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Little Red, William, Lisette (plus two), Brand, Harry, and Caine are at the Magma pool. Trying to investigate the surroundings. It is a disposal site. More than likely linked through a trump. We are setting up booby traps. With poison. And spikes. And springs, and acids… In other words, it’s a real mess if you don’t know about the stuff here.

Lisette going back to Earth, presumably to take a load off. Flora is off doing things for Eric, diplomatic stuff. Lisette brings up issues with the running of countries that she would like to get taken care of. Essentially a “Nesting” process on a global scale. She wants people to be happy, but really wishes to get the rampant greed and corruption in National Government. Flora suggests getting desired legislation passed via bribery, blackmail and/or threats. The Organization has extensive files for that. Changes of heart, so to speak, could often be managed by sending repeated nightmares. Lisette adds ‘sudden deaths’ to the toolbox.

William has a nice quiet dinner with Caine. Shop talk, (poisons, destruction of villages, etc.) Now speaking with Eric. Offering William positions in the government – Hey – BE A GENERAL! HEY – BE A PRINCE!! Prince Consort in Rebma is what he is hoping for, but the position doesn’t exist yet. (It’s a culture thing) Anyways – Eric at this point, should be aware of the Bleys situation. (Via a squealing Lisette to Flora to Eric)

Little Red – heading back to Shadeeza (point of entry from the Amber High Road – also from where his mom and Big Reds mom came from) Shadizar. Going to put in some time to get it up and working better, or as he sees fit.

In his words, “I inherited a fixer upper, but I don’t want to disappoint my parents memory by burning it for the insurance money.”

Little Red’s research, “If I Gem a Spellcaster, can I get them to fill racks?” He is using this to put together a number of things. He wants robots filling racks. So he goes to do that.

Now is looking for wizards, allies, for at least the foreseeable future. He has a proposal. Come with me if you want to live, he really wants all the magical energy of the world. Got about half of the worlds power (Malevolent Laughter). Now getting the wizards out of there. Relocating Wizard colony on Rufus Minoria. (Greek/Italian City States in Shadizar). Lessons Learned.

Lisette is recuperating at home (Paris) awaiting the blessed birth of her twin girls.

William, in the meantime is contracting with Twisk to get some Fae on his payroll. He has trees. (Good reason). Recruiting for Eric for the Amber Arden forest. Got about 33, 13 pretty good fighters (Really good by fairy standards) by sashaying into a dozen faery domains where Twisk is persona non grata and stealing out-of-favor — bespelled, cursed, transformed, abused — courtiers. The faeries’ job is to live in Arden and keep it safe, keep the king informed of what goes on there, not cause too much trouble. Eric, Deirdre and Caine reinforce William’s demonstration of why their new bosses should be taken seriously. Flora is inundated by Trump orders and requests. Twisk sticks around a bit to ‘consult with the king on faery custom’; closely; in private.

Lisette – it’s happening NOW!

Paris Town House has the most impressive security that has been conceived. Flora Trumps back. Bel is in attendance, Little Red expressed an interest in being present. Gaius is there as well. William is also invited. The house is prepped with the latest medical devices and trained personnel. Lisette is focusing on staying calm, and thinking good thoughts about an easy and safe delivery of her twin daughters.

Little Red gets a wild hair and researches zero-point energy devices – also known as bombs, making sure that Oberon doesn’t get a wild hair and decide to blow everything up on earth at one time. Fiona pulls LR through to her ZPE-powered orbital, rotating space station. She fabs out some cheat sheets on precursor technologies to watch for and shows him both the ZPE generator and a 30-megaton bomb (cantaloupe sized) so he can get a feel for them, magically. ZPE is tricky. Worlds that develop it usually end up as lifeless rockballs or as a asteroid belts. ZPE generators are especially tricky. With considerable variation between different shadows. ZPE is a possible thing on both Earth and Shadizar. LR Trumps back and discusses bootstrapping a space program with magic, Pattern and Trumps with Florimel and, between contractions and via intercom, Lisette.

Angeline and Annette – are born, and after a hearty announcing of their presence to the world, this calms down when their mother pulls them in close, and begins to nurse them. The air gets thick as the objects in the room want to come alive to help as well. Anyways – she will be busy keeping two beautiful children calm enough so that she can do things as well as be a parent.



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