Amber: Something Wicked

Gaius Solo (makeup?)

(Gaius was floated during the “fast shadow setup operations”)

Assisting with the security and preperation of our trip to a fast shadow, Random takes care of alot of the details as we shadow walk, Gold…clothing…etc…
arrive at a place called Amalfi, Italy spinoff shadow. Magic is prevalent as well as all the different things that everyone wanted for the next 300 to 600 or so days.

Assist in renting a villa and setting up Vialle and Random there, On a ley-line and we draw an objection once we start to pull power from it. THe keep across the bay is the home of a mage and he sends carniverous grasshoppers after us, but we felt his preperations and cut him off at the knees… probablity tricks to ensure the grasshoppers eat each other, then sending Gaius and William in to kick down doors and take names. other local mages arrive the next day and are much more polite and amenable to being paid.

Gaius and Aula head off to an artists dream city, about 80 miles from Vialle and Randoms place. They rent a Villa together and Gaius sets up security with mostly local talent, but brings in a team of werewolf leaders. one Lieutenant and a pair of Sergeants to run security. Aula goes bohemian artist and there are hot and cold running parties and art discussions on a continual basis after that. She also “disappears” some people who had been taking advantage of some of her new friends, including a son of a local politico who liked to force young servant/peasant girls as a bonus of his noblility.. Aula bit him…seriously!

(bodies are trumped to a hidden cave which Aula had Gaius find first thing off, and disposed of there..down an old abandoned mineshaft)

Some time later the Villa is attacked by a force of Mercs and assasins, paid by the father of a certain missing noble. Gaius and the were’s take down the attempt with little trouble, trying to kill as little as possible on Gaius’s order. Gaius then sends the survivors back to their leaders (Italian Mob, Mercanaries, and assasin guild)
with compliments and a request to not take more jobs against him or his sister (implied is the promise of payment, and the threat of possible destruction)
The Noble Father/Councilman is abducted by a werewolf and then flown away by Gaius in a huge eagle form. Gaius takes him to a Middle Eastern city a long ways away, Flying and shadowshifting to get there. He is sold into slavery for a silver piece (robbery) and specifically to a sodomizing asshole, for some “shoe is on the other foot” payback.

Aula spends her time being a bohemian artist, and improves her Trump Artistry..Gaius also exercises her and makes sure she eats occaisionally. She was involved in the fracas of the assasination attempt and took a minor wound, by by being slow. Gaius “helps” her speed back up again…

Gaius spends his time enjoying the bohemian lifestyle and bohemian ladies. along with learning to play Guitar (saw on earth and liked better than the Reman Lute) Music and Dancing and Nights of Passion…oh my!
He also spends time working with some serious bodybuilders to increase his Strength, And running the woods as a were and learning some new animal forms, Takes Zoology training to learn more about animals and animal capabilities, currently cannot shrink and spends most of his time learning some LARGE animal forms and mostly Predators.
He also spends some time learning cabinet making and crafts a Trio of Fine Cabinets for Aula to turn into Trump targets for himself, herself, and Mom.

((gaius spent his bonus stuff on Str7, Unlimited animal shapes, a trick to increase his warfare while “ghosted”) (and some skills to increase his knowledge)) the points from THIS solo (2) will go to Shrinking….



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