Amber: Something Wicked

Session 12 & 13 -Catch up..Gaius

Session 12 &13 catch up….Gaius only.

Met with Random, told him my dreams and suspicions, he said he would get back with me after talking with Vialle.

Then all heck broke loose with Corwins death, that put my meeting on hold and we didn’t get a chance to get back together till AFTER the funeral. Quite an impressive sight, a royal funeral in the city of Amber. I hope that’s the last one…

Finally met with Random and Vialle together, She has been having similar dreams, dreams of patternwalking and being whole after. Random and her decide its worth the risk, and Random takes off for (Tir-Na-Nogth)? with one of my trumps, once he has it cleared he trumps me and Vialle and I step through.
He has disarmed and tied up the guards, and we are near the pattern room in Tir. Vialle begins walking the pattern, with sure movements, almost as if she can SEE the pattern…though from here i can FEEL it interacting with her. I could almost walk it myself, blindfolded. Random lets out a huge sigh of relief, once she makes it past the first veil, he must have been holding his breath.

Vialle is successful in walking the pattern, and as she finishes the Veil over her eyes is lifted and she turns to look at us(Random)! Then a Psychic Wind from the Pattern blows all of the insubstantial Tir away, though the guards on other floors (tied too) are not dropped, they are all brought to ground level. On a ground a WHOLE lot different from where we started. We are now in a pastoral glade, somewhere ELSE. Gravity is about a third of normal and plants and such a bit different. In the sky is a HUGE world, making me think we are on a moon, that world in the sky is not Earth however.

Vialle begins talking but is whisked away before we gain any information, her face as she disappears is surprised so it wasn’t by her power she left. Random is a bit irritated by this, and after a bit of swearing (i had to take notes, these elders learned alot of swearwords, and alot of different languages) he began freeing the guards while I checked out the area. He got them to agree to serve us since we are a long way from home, and their only ride back. No Trumps work, but we don’t know if that interference was Oberons or something else. so we decide to traipse off away from the pattern to clear the air for better reception.

We all hoof about 20 or so miles, where Random can feel some massive pattern powers being used off in the distance. We instruct the guards to keep following as we are going ahead to see what is going on. And Random and I head for the power, him running at a respectable pace, me switching between 4 legs and 2, eating on the run, only short pauses for water and latrine, Random setting a harsh pace for himself, me running ahead on 4 legs and hunting then switching to 2 to cook.

After 3 days we approach a city, whereupon Random slows his pace and catches his breath. I can use a bit of wind too, since I’ve been scouting on 4 legs all afternoon. There is a building with a dome, sitting approximately in the center of the city, from what we can see as we begin to approach, few guards and citizens, who flee as we come closer… clearing a path to the center? no resistance to our arrival is apparent, though I can feel tentative individuals following as we pass. As we approach the center there is a wide open space in front of the domed building, and drawn up are hundreds of human troops, with crossbows even!, and a group of strange Pale warriors in pairs, there are also what look to be witches or female mages on a dais around a woman with silver hair, Vialle is also there but bound and helpless, but not gagged.

As we begin to approach the silver haired leader calls out to us, “Random is forfeit as he must be cut from that ones life, but you are able to choose (looking at me) you can walk to the side and sit this out or you may die with Random.” (the witch is downwind but I can feel something wrong with her from here) Random turns to me and asks which way I choose to go, and I tell him I figure on his wife being better than these scum, so we turn together to attack, with the strange pale guards pairing off and blocking our approach, Random whispers to me that he’s heard of these beings, called Moonriders of Ghenesh, they are tough but there is a trick with getting their blood on your blade to make them easier to hit, and he says they fade in and out of reality, though the blood should make it easier to hit them phased out.

I just grin and switch to Anthro form.. they were obviously not expecting me to turn into a 9 foot werewolf, and this slows the two moonriders approaching me and I notice that the human army they have is not attacking yet, Random and I go back to back, and we begin fighting these strange beings. He gets the first blood as they don’t want to stay solid for me to claw, so as he finishes the first pair and a second moves in on him, I call “switch” and we trade places…now I have bloody bodies at my feet and he has a blooded blade. I take some scratches as I get my claws wet but then my strikes become alot more effective and I begin to mow down my opponents with relish. The witches however have decided to get involved and cast some kind of web of power which approaches toward us, the Moonriders avoid it so I figure its good for us too…Random sounds like he is holding his own so I call “Heads Up…Full Offensive” to him and begin to push my way towards the dais, with Random keeping my back clear.

This excites several witches, but it also seems to cause a split in the defenders, since half or so of the Moonriders are down. Some of the witches begin working against the others to negate the net, and Vialle is released from her magical bonds by someone, a pair of the Moonriders back off and cross their arms, while we work on finishing the rest. Vialle goes after Silver Hair and locks hands, as I struggle to get closer to help. A Psychic wind from the dais comes into effect, and slows both Random and I to a crawl as the last moonrider falls and we turn to assist Vialle. I tell Random that we have to get the circlet off Vialles’ opponent and ask him if he can fly…he grins and I grab him and launch him into the dais, where he barely gets a swipe in to knock off the circlet(which is the anchor to a Mantle of Power) and he is promptly blown back my way by an explosion of power. So not only do I get to launch him, I get to catch him as well, knocking us both down.

Losing her mantle has turned the tide though and Vialle overcomes her at this point, breaking her hands, and driving out a ghostly being from her body, which is absorbed by Vialle. Vialle then hands her off to some of the witches who are left and goes over and picks up the circlet, she walks up to the front of the dais and puts it on. Announcing to all that she is Inanna.

After some cleanup, and some intimidation by yours truly, who goes over to the army and begins to inspect the troops like a commanding general, still dripping moonrider ichor, and still in 9’ werewolf form.

Random and I are briefed by Inanna/Vialle. She had pulled a Night stunt and “split” herself into good/winning (Vialle) and bad/crazy (wannabe Inanna) so she could get a chance to walk a pattern, she said she did NOT expect to find a scion of Oberon “loveable”. She was interested in making more moonriders…though she wasn’t too keen on the first step being KILLING a master bladesman. I discussed the fact that by tasting their blood, I thought that I could assume a Moonrider type form as an Avatar, so she will probably be looking for MORE shapeshifters. ( I may have to get a few volunteer weres from home for a bit of a test…a unit of ghosting weres would be intimidating.)

She isn’t ready to bring the Moon back in range of Amber and Oberon yet, and the Trumps are blocked on purpose here.. she was interested in getting on the list for some trumps and I discussed how fast she could ramp up a shadow and how long she could keep it there, as a Pattern Owner. My sister might be a candidate for accelerated learning and training. and If I was there with her I could make sure she stayed on track, and have some time to get a couple things done…(we figure she can push 7 amber days to about 1400/200:1/3.8yrs)

She also asked me to Pass along to Night that she’d be ready for a visit soon, and to tell Bel that they need to arrange for a Divorce. (she seems to be planning on Keeping Random around)

Eventually the guards catch up and are waiting around with us.

So until she loosens the trump block, I will work on my new power (3 pt Avatar) Ghost Werewolf. My combat form may be a full wolf, but the intimidation factor is higher in my Anthro form. So a 9’ Werewolf that Ghosts in and out And is resistant to normal weapons, should be terrifying to most opponents we might meet. (7 more points to up that Avatar to a +2 Warfare stunt, 3 then 4)
Phases in and out, flies (slowly-Psyche)

[Inanna essentially shifted her world into the notional remnant or memory of Heaven/Godhome, anchored a bit — periodically — by Amber.

My Moonriders are inspired by/ripped off from the Twins in The Matrix II, though they and most of Inanna-Vialle’s people so far seen look Indian to Middle Eastern to Mediterranean. Moonriders can ghost out, fly about 20-30 mph while ghosted and, with practice (and more points), gain a pretty nifty combat advantage. A live ghoster would have to hold his breath while immaterial; this isn’t a problem for them. Moonriders are pretty good fighters, stronger than humans and trained to fight in pairs and use ghosting to maximum advantage. Also: more dangerous in moonlight.

The Witches all have silvery hair. Inanna A put too much power into Inanna B (Vialle) and eventually became a wraith. The then took to possessing, and using up, the bodies of her top witches. Hence their shift in loyalties.

Getting a divorce is important. She and Bel — mainly Bel — were gods of marriage among other things.]



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