Amber: Something Wicked

Session 14 Vall, We Hardly Knew Ye

June 2, Lisette, Little Red, Gaius

MAJOR RETCON: WILLIAM WAS INVOLVED. INSERT WILLIAM WITH (W)(retcon, Fiona walks Julians pattern at the end of the last session, Trains any conjurors (W) in detecting different things quickly when arriving in a shadow…(like whether Nukes work, and if there are MEGA elementals close by)

Vialle [she wants to be called ‘Vialle’] spends time relaxing and thinking, then goes to her pattern and attempts something that fails, comes to rest and asks Random and Gaius if they have ties to shadows that she can use as anchors.
She conjures more stone plinths which we decorate with our blood, and she uses these as anchors to the real amber universe. She looks surprised, then tells us she didnt see that coming…turns off the trump blocker stones. She transports us to the other side of the Moon from her pattern…after we move away from her pattern a couple miles. She tells us she recreated a portion of the God Home level of reality. We cannot shadow walk from here but can Trump. Starpath will she says not to worry about me messaging Night as she should be here momentarily… then pops us back to her pattern and conjures lounge chairs and drinks in anticipation..

2 hours later Night arrives, on frostmane with another frostmane scion and a woman. 7’ tall , very muscular. Vialle gets up and welcomes Night, who picks her up and hugs her, mental communion ensues, and Night says she is relatively sane too. Night introduces Iron Knife, the 7’ woman who is a bit off…Heavyier than she should be. Who says its about time we moved to remove Oberon, and show some backbone. Gaius asks “what assistance can she be then?” she says she will not be killing any of her sisters children any time soon. More discussion ensues then she pats Gaius in approval (almost knocks him down) and goes over to one of the plinths and splits it in half with her blade. [The sister is Iron Staff, Oberon’s mother. They’re taking a hand at the urging of a third sister who is one of the petrified Seven who… modulate? the Tree of Creation. The Sisters’ usual, eternal job is maintaining the machinery that grinds the Elder God Who Invented Matter into ur-matter to expand the Otherworld and feed the Tree. Ur-matter because ‘proto-matter’ is taken. The stone sister has had Just About Enough of Vall’s antics.]

Suddenly Random AND Gaius are innundated with Trump calls..Gaius takes Little Reds who asks if He is responsible…as if, then asks if what happened was Valls fault, which i tell him is a negative, and he hangs up. Then Gaius answers a callfrom MOM…who wants to know if he is well. He briefs her on the what is going on. And his ideas about sister and having Innana owe us..or at least come to us for Trumps.
Mom wants to come thru so we get full introductions, etc..

Little Red is calling Erik and warns him that I was resonsible in realeasing Inanna and LR is NOT at fault.

Random is telling his line that ERIK is first then Fiona and Brand cut in front and refuse to wait. Night walks over and cuts in on Everyone and says “He will talk to you later” and cuts him off

Gaius gets another call, this time its Brand, who wants to know who cut him off from Random. I tell him, and he says there is something wrong (puzzling) about the place were at, i ask premission then pull him thru.

He bows to Vialle/Inanna, bows all the important people. Then chats with vialle about how she did this, then wanders off and calls LR to come, pulls him thru. And has him open his senses…Vialle rebuilt or resurrected a bit of the Godhome here, they discuss moving or buiding in this area after we win a couple wars.

Erik gets contacted, Night and Iron Knife are going to trump to him directly, Frostmane and his kid will head off on thier own. Random tells Gaius they think they want to do this Speed thing VERY soon.

LR discusses Power Mechanics with Brand, Pattern energy in Heaven (Godshome).

Lisette is doing trumps and Bel. She pops over to Earth for something and runs into Twisk (elf fey cousin), who sniffs Lisette and tells her she is pregnant.

Gaius calls Lisette to arrange a meeting with Bel, to pass along the message given him by Inanna.
She is heading off to get Bel and will call back in a min, Gaius heads off to warn Inanna. Lisette trumps Bel and gets pulled thru, she briefs him about being Pregnant. Happiness ensues, then she tells him about Vialle and she blames Gaius for being the one who brought her back, HE says she is overestimating Gaius and under underestimating Inanna, and asks if Gauis is changed, She says Gaius is the same Dull Cretin that he always was.

Lisette calls Gaius on the trump, he gets a severe headache (angry trump, better psyche). Hands off to Bel who gets pulled thru along with Lisette. He heads over to Inanna, who out front tells him she needs a divorce. He agrees pleasantly, and asks who she wants to officiate, the God or Goddess of marriage. We are all witnesses. Official Divorce Ceremony ensues (a ritual of some mystic significance when it involves gods of marriage) and halfway thru Brand shows up to watch the power show. (drawn by the power) LR comes too.
Inanna hands Gaius a witchlight, then teleports him off to the Palace for Food, Drink, etc..just crush the light to come back…he has a pair of BIG baskets when he returns. A Reception is arranged after.

Brand and LR are discussing power in the universe again… Brand wanders off again sensing the power and functions of the area, the world orbits the moon, EVERYTHING orbits this moon. [The moon rotates daily, the planet orbits it — rotating daily too — monthly and the star-thing orbits both perhaps yearly.]

Vialle asks Lisette not to make any Trumps of this place without permission. Lisette tells her she wouldnt without permission anyway. Lisette also tells her that Brand might be one to warn not to also.

Oberon is barred from the Starry Path, according to Inanna…

We trump Night and pass along the request from us to Night about the Well of Inspiration…she agrees and we prepare to travel with Night to Amber then on to her palace, AFTER we gather “gifts”. “Surprise me,” she said.
We discuss the ability to speed up a shadow to God level speed…LR chats with Inanna on ways to “convice” people to change loyalties. Looking to gain the skill during the Speed Shadow.

Ideas bandied about for ideas for Gifts…

LR gives Gaius some items, WMD detectors, etc…

We head to Amber with Night…Iron Knife and Iron Staff (oberon’s mother) and will set up a surprise for Vall if he shows up in Amber. Iron Knife bashes a snarky Caine into the wall a few times to encourage him to respect his elders, then Gerard kisses the walls too when he walks in and goes to his brothers defense. Gerard is a bit shocked. Iron Knife pats Gerard on the shoulder approvingly: he’s a “nice sturdy boy.” Eric gets briefed by Gaius on what happened to Tir, full story not tidbits. Frostmane arrives with his kid, then Caine and Dierdre want to go too so we wind up riding double, heading for the Underworld.

Lisette is celebrating the divorce with Bel and heading off to Earth to gather her “gift” (as an aside AIDS is dead, the entire viral species cursed by her)— some performances of Shakespeare’s hits in the Otherworld by the Royal Shakespearean Company. Along with money Lisette’s people promise miracles if needed; Lisette has someone’s father cured of cancer to build credit).
Lisette hints to Bel that she WANTS to get married…they Discuss marriage and its ramifications for Bel as a GOD of Marriage. They table the question with him asurring her that he is not going to run off and marry someone else. They discuss raising the child and having it in fast time.

Gaius wants to walk shadow for Plants that have Aphrodesiac scent, along with scents that please and relax.
Chats with Mom and determines that he should Give Night a personal Villa in Rema, with a Trump of it for ease of access. (Mom decorates since Gaius’s choice of decor would be inappropriate for a woman.) (Cult of Nox…Night as Minor goddes HERE on Rema and has a Minor Mantle here. Or will when they change the rituals.)

Little Red makes doubles and has them running around searching for Goodies (foods from plants and animals altered by magic and therefor not built to Maker plans)…gets volunteers for his Soul Gem project, Makes some lovely jewelry from gems. He gets alot of goodies and Cooks to fix the special dishes. Brand Trumps LR , he is happy with how the first “Search and Destroy” mission went well. Brand Fiona and Gerard smoked the controlers and made the likelyhood of the freshly de-zombied army turning on their former captors right up at 100 percent.

Gaius’s Villa is ready, then all get trumped. (Lisette, LR, Gaius, Brand) The Vall game is on in Amber. Brand holds a bridgehead.. for LR who heads off to the Mormons to get an Army, He has to get rid of an opponent first but he can easily negate them. He uses Fire Rain (HOT water), then appears in smoke and fire and chases the opponent off to free up the friendly army.

Lisette goes thru, then Trumps Bel.

Brand and Fiona attack some Floating Manowars (eyes in the air) with mental attacks.
Gaius Trumps thru then trumps Sis to head to the standing guard for a Quick Reaction Unit push thru, then calls Mom to warn her. He starts to head off to set up an end point. The enemy has a flying unit being sent after the guys on the roof, Gaius drops a contingent of defenders on the roof, then preps to defend the roof.

(W) Eric and William head off to help Deirdre on the northern front. They gradually start winning and push into the forest and catch the Otherworlder Professional Dragonslaying Team (Iron Knife and Iron Staff each 30’ tall, Ulrik a mere 20’, covered in blood, guts and brains) in action.

Lisette anchors for Bel who starts sending his kids through.

LR calls his anchor person and says call in an hour and be ready send troops/medical/ammo etc…

Lisette gets Grace and another nasty guard (Rodrigo)to help protect her as she pulls in More of Bel’s kids.

General plans…LR (resume true form Power Words, shoot with air gun), Gaius jumps out to toss shapeshifters off the roof as they shapechange. Gaius’ troops lock shields and shield rush to push some shapeshifters off the roof. Lisette continues to pull people through, with someone calling through to not send humans and Bel coming through himself.

LR runs out of ammo and he starts making earth elementals.

Fiona takes charge and makes hunter strike teams with werewolves and Bel’s kids (mainly Grace and Drake who know the palace) and guardsmen to hunt some of Vals kids who are loose in town.

Since attack spells that might be used to try to whack, say, Oberon don’t work near the palace LR is feeling a little under-gunned. Brand goes to LR and says that “he doesn’t have any extra expendable sons” and pulls out some extra rings with mental contact spells for LR to use. Deathbolts are more fun but pack more variety.

Gaius and the other 4 of his soldiers head down to make sure of the shapeshifters tossed off, doubletaps are the Standard Ops.

LR heads down to find some live shapeshifters before Gaius gets to them.

Lisette calls Night to inform her. She hands frostmane and 2 really large horses, and Orelli and Ulric (Thunder’s daughter and son), and then she steps through. She will stay up top and watch. Fiona grabs a deck from her storage and gives it to Night.

Frostmane takes Brand and Fiona off to the area Julian’s allies have cleared and drops them off, then head back to Night.

LR gathers some enemies and then chooses a dead target to “question the dead” on. Asks questions on tactics codes, location of Vall, etc.. Dead guy is mostly outraged that all these people showed up to help Eric and Amber — what’s their percentage? LR heads back up with Gaius to report, Gaius calls Gerard who is busy and then sees Bel’s kid being pulled through, He gives the were sergeant his trump and says call in a second, then rides a Bels kid though to Bel and Gerard.

Lisette and Night Scry and attack behind the lines. [One can use mental touch spells through this scrying spell, and Power Words through the mental touch.]

Gaius finds out that his sister is here WITH the rest of the combat unit, shortly he sends the last of his defensive troops over to protect her. Then scopes out the tactics and strategy of the combat. He is looking for Val or the Vall spawn who trapped him.(Lorelei)

Gerard gets Stabbed by a guy who’d seemed to be not nearly so formidable, Gaius heads towards him, The stabber is attacked mentally, then he shakes it off. (Amulets flare and die.) He sees Gaius coming and points his blade at him, and moves as fast as Bel or Benedict, Vall has appeared. Bel yells “Brother, Bide a moment,” and heads that way.
Val maintains the blade on gaius and throws a blade at Fiona from a great distance and it accelerates then disitegrates an inch from her which ruins a few of her amulets and still knocks her down. Lisette trumps Gerard and pulls him out.
Vall’s kids formed around him to defend, and a lot are nuking the ridgline where Fiona and Brand And LR are fighting back against at least 20 kids. Fiona switches to using Pattern to deflect attacks, which is just barely possible — for her — a mile and a half from the Pattern; if she isn’t distracted by anything, including standing up.

Gaius ghosts and attacks Vall to pull his attention and give Bel an opening, he stays ghosted to keep from getting killed but draws a lot of attacks from Vall spawn, Lisette attempts an power word attack on Vall which is ineffective, but destroys another amulet.

Gaius tries putting a hand IN Val and gets mentally SMACKED for it. Lisette heads to the ridge to help with the spells. Lewella shows up on the ridge and pulls through alot of Tritons. Then she pulls a bow and begins to shoot into the battle.

Val and Bel are fighting with Gaius trying to distract Val, then everyone on the ridge hits Val at the same time (direct sorcerous attack being ineffective, Brand projects an opaque lightg-ball around Vall’s head) which creates enough time for Gaius to jump on Val and knock him into Bel who rams a dirk under Val’s chin and through his brain, and twists it, a lot. Then some leader types of Vall’s Spawn yell “attack” and fade; almost all of Val’’s living spawn are smart enough to pull a runner.

[Meanwhile, in the forest, Iron Knife, Iron Staff and Ulrik have been killing most of the dragons and such in Vall’s forces. And Eric and Deirdre have been working the other front in the battle. Orelli on her divine horse have been galloping around the battle at sports car speed lancing and stomping.]

Half the werewolves are dead, some of LR’s troops, some of Bel’s kids. A lot of the Amber troops are dead or hurt.

After deliberation we all decide Fiona will attemt to take Vall’s pattern. Then maybe pass it to Bleys or maybe Benedict. [The main point in LR’s and Lisette’s dis-favor is that the Pattern Master will have to hold it against some or most of Vall’s surviving spawn.] Night is called to provide transport to the pattern, Gaius is elected to go and be a trump target to pull the other thru. Or we pass a trump to Night to call for help while Orelli and Gaius fight if necessary.

Night uses the starry path to get us there and we find someone walking the pattern. Prime target for a rock. Too bad… one with the universe…
Fiona begins to walk the pattern, Teleports go off and others are flying in.

Gaius shoots a stupid flyer several times at extreme range, Aurelia gets another, closer one with one enchanted arrow.
The rest stay farther away… Fiona finishes after a while, exhausted, calls a staff to her and renews her energy then starts breaking Pattern-twisting stones.

As she breaks the first we get rushed by Val spawn, after she succeeds in breaking the last the spawn all collapse for a while, One smart one who waited just watching, approaches and asks Fi what she did. She answers that she cleaned the pattern, the visitor then stumbles off.
A couple try to swear fealty, which she rejects.

She says this place is a dump and that everyone owes her.

Fi looks for a trumpable object and Night makes her one from a large rock,
She heads home for rest,

Gaius calls mom for 3 legions of were troops, outfitted for extended operations in enemy territory, for guard duty.

Brand tells LR that he needs to gather more strength before doing “that”, then that Fiona will not like the new job very well for long. And to prepare himself to take that pattern if possible, admin and such capabilites will make him a more attractive choice.




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