Amber: Something Wicked

Session 18 Manipulations and Machinations

9/29/12 Gauis, Little Red, and Lisette in attendance.

Aula and Gauis come back from vacation. Aula has gotten her backlog done. They need to have a discussion with their mother (Claudia) about what to do with Octavia. She’s also a little sick of Bohemian living, wants to explore the universe. Gaius is being sent out to review the troops. Figure she needs to put the slacker to work after he’s been off on vacation for two years.

Little Red learns that he can ‘bar’ individuals from his realm – apparently new information for him.

Back to Gauis. He’s concentrating on making a suit of silk armor. After mucking about with Mom-stuff, he’s freed up. Now the plan is to muck work (Prince/General/Inspector General) for a week or so.

Little Red going back to Amber – got a call from Eric – Twisk caused some problems. Unintentionally of course.

Lisette is going to help Flora get her backlog done, need Trumps of Caine, Eric, Dierdre, lots of Elves(30), extra Flora’s, Gerard. Aula just got press ganged into creating some of the Trumps needed as well.

Gauis is tagging along with Little Red.

Twisk is, annoyingly, hooking up with Eric and not a safe target for Little Red’s ire. For now. Apparently Twisk found Jandar – in a desert as a statue. Got him freed, but in the process, apparently managed to piss off Yagamar, Jandar’s petrifier. [Twisk wandered into Jandar’s homeworld centuries*?* ago, had an affair, came back and found he’d been petrified - and his spirit sent to a hell -, failed to disenchant him, came back many years later (expecting the wizard responsible would be dead), failed again, and took advantage of William and his recruits to drag J away and free him.]

Jandar, after centuries (?) in hell, is on board with the killing of the Yagamar. Little Red would like to recruit Jandar to lead his National Army. Jandar is more suited for the job than the forest one he has. He just owes the other people that got him out of there rescue. Signs up.

LR’s concern now, is that how much did this piss off Yagamar?

Gaius is now shmoozing Deirdre’s gang of elf chicks who are – challenged for male companionship that is erudite enough. Or funny. Or cute. Though alcohol is helping. Drinking with the the girls. Deirdre shares a strange liquor made for Amberites and their particular constitution. Debating the merits of nailing his Aunt, which is a big fat No. However – elf poontang is in season – and someone else is too. Dierdre talks up Gauis to her companions. All of the elves were recruited from those who had been punished fairly severely in some form or fashion. Gauis got one, who didn’t want to share, but who is a good shapeshifter. [Most of the fae recruits had been transformed into trees, animals, drooling idiots and the like. Newly freed, they’re a lot like folk just released from prison.]

Little Red is going Gold shopping. Decides the hit the Federal Reserve in a shadow of Manhattan, after a Neutron Strike. Runs off with two 5-ton truckloads Trumped to Shadizar. (Tiring much.) Financing a national army, or most anything else, will not be a problem. Jandar has a serious (terminal) qualms about supporting a god-king as his world and family have a nasty history with such. LR takes him on a tour where Jandar sees that his new boss is actually popular some places (especially with the ‘Mormons’), spurns ceremony and ass-kissing, and that the religious observances consist of quick prayers before using magic. “They say the prayer, and they get the power, or else bad things happen.”

Jandar tells Little Red of his homeworld’s God-King Orokan - Real dickish God-King, wanted adulation and all praise, and wasn’t about to let a little thing like human sacrifice and blood letting stand in his way to get it. Jandar’s ancestor assassinated Orokan, using a weapon provided by a mysterious rival. Orokan had a title in a dead language LR recognizes as Thari. LR explains his plans.

Jandar signs up for revenge on Yagamar. Turns him loose on the remnants of the world that aren’t under his control. Discussing ways to get most of the people to follow him as opposed to how they are fighting amongst each other. Logistics to be worked later. Jandar says a war against nations of fanatics would be devastating — can LRed take out the leadership, both divine and human? [J also introduces the term ‘daemon’ = powerful spirit, which LR adopts. Shadizar’s gods are daemon-gods. LR is a living god. Yagamar’s world, in Jandar’s time, had lost the technique of effective — godly-mantle-producing — prayer.]

Gauis is patrolling elves, or trolling as it were. Found an Erl-Tiger. Green Tiger/Black Stripes. Sapient, and doesn’t take the oath. Gauis changes to wolf and wants to chase him up a tree. Tiger not impressed and Gauis slams him into a tree. Swore fealty, and is very excited to be part of the team. Helping Amber’s royalty out and not be killed.

Continuing patrol in Arden (the one next to Amber) – strong reptilian smell. Could be a Dragon. Checking out turns out to be a non-winged dragon variety, working south, towards Amber. Scarred, storm houndish in nature. Could be an old foe of Julian. Snorts smoke. Contacts Julian, gets some pointers on how to take it down. Marshaling forces to work on how to beat on it.

Dragon attack. Gauis was able to kill the dragon, without taking any permanent casualties. Reports to Dierdre, she changes the orders of the patrol. Probably will have more things that will start to invade since Julian is gone.

Lisette is happy being a mom, bonding with her daughters, and generally practicing conjuration. Floimel has debarked to Florence to work on assignments from Eric – lots of new faces in forest of Arden need Trumps.

Report comes in that a Conjurer reports that his wife and six year old son are missing. Last assigned mid-Seattle shopping trip. Personal trip – they live there. Never got back from the trip. Florimel met him once. Good Conjurer, almost able to help himself. Well liked. Brought to Lisette, especially when children go missing. Lisette is high powered enough to burn through the interference to at least get to the trail and follow. Find chanting man, frozen in a mind lock before he can reach the kid. Silver wire for the mother to serve as a conduit for terror and pain from observing that her son getting killed.

Real talented – brilliant – called Little Red to gem that fucker. Done and done.

The conjurer had a real ego, didn’t tell any others about the spell, Lisette is getting the child into the sorcery school. Lisette also gets the family most of the way into the inner circle of things.

On to do list – Police the BBS groups to stop magical cults from rising. Bel had come in to watch the girls and have a little one-on-one time with them.

Retires back to Paris, visits with Bel. Going to Florence to help with backlog.

Little Red, going about wiping out Daemons [formed from a universal/monotheistic god who had shattered due to rampant sectarianism, becoming seven gods determined to eliminate each other] that don’t share his vision, really fighting amongst themselves instead of joining the team. Assembling a replacement pantheon. Sending in change via dreams. He got them all dreaming the same seven part epic mini-series. The old gods were the first against the wall when the revolution came.

Previously recruited gods observed at a distance. Yep: Total surrender was the way to go.



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