Amber: Something Wicked

Session 19

Rise up! Your chains are broken. Or LR gets a new sandbox. And hey - We got the Prick!!!

Lisette is working on mental contact with her children, to a moderate success. Now though, the plan is to help Little Red take back the world of his birth. Apparently

It is revealed to be a triple world populated by Humans, Elves and Salamanders. The Salamanders are the most powerful, but the least populous and the heaviest controlled. The Elves have sealed themselves up, but there could be Salamanders in disguise. But probably not. Salamanders are being controlled by their names, and were built that way by their previous master: Orokan. Totally in Thrall by someone who has their names, which Yagamar has. They are being contained by a book. Plans are being bandied about concerning the book.

But then we started to focus on the invisible sword. Amongst its powers, is it’s ability to kill beings with a mantle. Jandar has been to the place so is familiar.

William, Lisette and Little Red are gearing up for the assault. We are taking Grace & Harald with them. Arrive in the lands of the Humans, stumble upon a castle where the past is being replayed many many times. William’s pet is called Draco (Now and for all time is called thus).

In the Castle, a ‘Guardian’ jumps up and threatens Jandar, who had been it’s torturee for years. Lisette blasts it with a mental contact. After a little more back and forth smacktalk, Little Red gemmed him.

William has the sword, and Yagamar showed up in a big cloud. Bitching and taunting back and forth. Yagamar thinks he will walk a Pattern, promised by Obbie. Setting up traps for us and stopping us from leaving. Just a full blown elemental army to jump us as we exit.

Lisette is going to feel out the ward and see why it seems to block out Trump. Yagamar the Storm God – with a mantle, he is a God, but not Pattern guy. Just the rituals are being done correctly. LR is debating on just booting the fuck out of Yagamar. Buying the world and its trappings. Not going to go on gross changes.

LR is finding his mother and half-brother’s mother.

William sits down to a nice family dinner – paternity is discussed. Then after retiring to the library for brandy and cigars. They Trump LR and he details the dangers and history of the Jewel of Judgement.

Explaining how he wants to borrow the Jewel to track down Oberon. Eric demurs – doesn’t want LR to go BatShit crazy while he sequesters himself with the Jewel.

Visiting Bel, New Goddess being added to the Pantheon, Art & Magic is being bandied about.

Drawn into Trump with Flora, looking to use all of the “BIG BRAINS” to track down Oberon.

LR contacts his Dad and invites him to the Party. Passes him the Mothers and they continue on.

Back at Castle Amber – everyone is gearing up for Bear. A really big Bear.

Initiating the contact – Oberon is actually in the Castle – Disguised as Gerard. Lisette goes to freeze Oberon, William is going to attempt to Limb Him. Little Red goes for a physical attack – and unexpectedly succeeded! William gets slapped against a wall, LR gets the same, but not after he had lost the better part of a hand. Lisette drops the mental link, and goes for a full blown TRUMP FUCKING JAM. Back in the room with Oberon, LR drops the Skull Clap on him – jolting him to the point where William could stick him with his sword. William gets swatted into the wall HARD. Goes to kill LR, with his other hand, Draco distracts Oberon, long enough for Eric to arrive and start to fight.

Eric goes full offensive and Oberon was seriously geeked up at that point, and as Eric begins to cut him down, Brand arrives to keep the curse un-uttered. We find out that he ‘ate’ Gerard, and was hiding out since Vol went down. Eric goes and walks the Pattern, goes on a Horny Pattern Master Level Sexual escapade – with Grace.

William gets put back together – and is advised to not use his head for anything important – which shouldn’t be too hard.

Mostly Gerard stuff – pretty much mundane things with the exception of Trumps – Family Trumps as well as one to his lab in a rich country filled with rich evil bastards that do what they wanted to do, because they were rich.

Tally -

Benedict – Alive and in Japan
Eric – Banging Grace
Corwin – Dead
Dierdre – Alive and wishing she could have chopped Daddy in mincemeat
Caine – Comes back and visits, saying good work.
Fiona – Visits – because it was Gerard, and now Pattern Master of Vol’s old Pattern
Blaise – Almost walking and regaining use of the replacement limbs
LLewella – Working for Moire
Brand – There at the end – kept the curse from settling
Florimel – Looking after things
Julian – Pattern Master of the Forest Pattern
Gerard – Dead and eaten by Oberon
Random – Married to Vialle

Visit Lab and see what Dickery was there. Find a Trump of Dworkin that actually works – and contact him – pass out for awhile and then a good conversation with Dworkin with Night in Otherworld.

LR Joins – shares his thoughts on the Death of Oberon. We agree to arrange entertainment for Dworkin.

William is having a tete-a-tete with Eric. Discussion of various things – Mother walking pattern, fertility restoration.

LR and Lisette discussing haul of things – agree to burn cache of Elder body parts which Oberon had so that he could have duplicated any Elder.



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