Bel the Sun King


Formerly a sun, war and hero god in the old order, now a Pattern Master and god (has a cult and a Mantle of Power) in at least one shadow. Loosely based on Viktor Rydberg’s interpretation of Baldur.

Husband of Inanna, separated by Oberon for millennia.

Apparently has many children is the sole Pattern initiate.

Angered the Makers enough to be barred from the Otherworld, and Night enough to get banned from the Starry Paths. Both rescinded.

Cooperated with Our Heroes’ rescue of Phraedis (the Unicorn) and stripped Oberon’s bindings and blood beasts from her.

Is just barely Benedict’s inferior at Warfare, is his clear superior in Strength and Endurance.

Helped Lisette locate Dworkin — his living head anyway.

Bel and Llewella, Florimel, Lisette… did away with the Barrier had set to block Bel’s realm away.

Bel has started to allow selected, proven offspring to walk his Pattern.


Bel the Sun King

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