Powers-oriented son of Oberon and Clarissa, younger full brother of Bleys and Fiona. Red hair, casting: young Tim Roth.


Found chained naked to a megalithic statue of a woman next to the Arden Pattern. Should have starved to death had the Unicorn not somehow prevented that from happening. Oberon chained him up.

Seems to be pleased with the Reds and was unusually chatty and forthcoming. One can put that down to some combination of 1) new-parent joy, 2) pleasure of talking to people who know about the Otherworld, 3) needs allies against Oberon and Vall, 4) euphoria and gratitude for the rescue, 5) attempting to suck his sons into his evil schemes.

Has, he says, walked Amber’s, Rebma’s, Dworkin’s and the TNN Patterns. Says Dworkin’s won’t clear up compulsions and Rebma’s used to have some on it but they fixed it so it’s clean now.

Introduced his sons to their birth world of Shadeeza. Little Red Acquired it.

Brand and Fiona have made a pact with Eric: alliance until one month after Oberon is known to be dead by all the witnesses.



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