Fae are of Immortal stock, frequently mixed with humans or ‘goblins’ — conjured sapients.

The fae recruited by William to be Arden’s protectors are from over a dozen faery domains, all on the outs with their King or Queen. Their Psyche runs from 2-4, Strength from 0-4, Endurance from 2-4, Warfare from 1-4 — though some are 1-2 ranks better with a particular weapon.
All are Conjurors to some degree: all do Glamour, most do Transformation, a few do Empowerment — one can do shadow-travel-resistant magic. All can World-walk; none are good at it. Several have a Green magical Affinity, one or two each cover other elements. A few are Sorcerers to some degree. All but two are Shapeshifters, usually with human and animal forms and a few with Disguise or even SS Aura, and shrinking.



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