General Yohan Ervin

Very, very good human general with a lot of experience against Vall's armies


General Ervin’s world (Moire calls it ’Ervin’s World’) was infiltrated and invaded by five of Vall’s spawn led by Kodash with their assorted underlings. Ervin’s World is a shadow of Earth undergoing a sort of WW2 at the time of the invasion. Lots of dictators to slave or replace with dopplegangers.

[Yohan Ervin is inspired by Field Marshall Johannes Erwin Rommel. On his home ground, commanding armies he’s familiar with, he’s a 10 Strategy — a great general.]

William and Queen Moire have arranged an alliance. Ervin’s World is a mess: the world war and the “Armageddon War” have killed half the world’s people, particularly in /Russia, East Asia, the Middle East and South America/. All the Vallspawn maintaining the Black Circles are dead or fled but left behind a couple hundred million thralls in varying states of fuckedupitude. /Europe/ is ravaged by war and /North America/ is suffering /the USA’s/ attempt to conquer both north and south while fighting a vicious genocidal race war at home.

On the plus side, the allied Armageddon soldiers number in the hundreds of millions, have experience and are highly motivated to avenge their countries and their world.


General Yohan Ervin

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