the Eldest, former Goddess of Night


6’7", slender, black star-strewn hair to her ankles, black eyes. She radiates a touch of the raw-creation awe the Tree does. Her gaze, when her attention is engaged, is terribly penetrating. She is kindly and a little spacey.

She says (and the Makers say) she is the Eldest: the oldest known surviving entity. She remembers being a spirit prior to the invention of matter, or language. She claims she invented sleep and night.

Night is one of the other Seven: seven Makers who sacrificed their mobility and lives as people to guide and channel the Tree. Being what she is she eventually managed to twin herself and now exists in two places at once. (As a primordeal spirit she had twinned herself and consumed or absorbed other spirits many times. Twinning usually results in full separation and independence fairly quickly. In this case half of her is fully absorbed in being one with Creation, distracting the hell out of her but giving her some benefits as well.)

Night lives in her palace with Maker attendants. She regularly scries across the Otherworld at night for threats to the Center and informs the defenders. She isn’t a ruler. She’s a Seer, an advisor, a hero and a revered ancestor. The Makers have war leaders but are otherwise self organizers by nature.

Night invented the Star-way back in the old days (or the older days, or the really old days…) and integrated it into the current Cosmos. The chief and greatest of the divine mounts, Frostmane, is her friend ancient companion.

Night can apparently tell if someone is a Shapeshifter, Trump Artist or mage without any sort of intrusive probing.



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