Son of Oberon and Paulette


5’4", wiry build, looks like a blonde Seth Green.

Had an affair with the Rebman Crown Princess Morganthe and left her when she got pregnant with Martin — this was probably the first time a child of Oberon had proven fertile. After Martin’s birth Morganthe fell into a deep depression and killed herself. When Random came into the Queen of Rebma’s power her punishment was amazingly mild: marry Vialle, a blind woman of her court. He did so… and they fell in love.

Random tried to assassinate Eric and failed. Queen Moire asked Eric to spare his life and Eric did so. He was imprisoned in the dungeon. Vialle came to Amber and persuaded Random to give his parole and Eric to accept it; imprisonment became house arrest. At this point, two years later, Random has free run of Amber (‘city arrest’) and does some work for the kingdom.

Random is much stronger, tougher and a better fighter than he looks. He’s an excellent musician and a world class drummer. Eric will sometimes let him hang-glide from the peak of Kolvir.



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