Twisk is Florimel’s faery cousin. She is several centuries old but shows no signs of age and is very beautiful. She was exiled by her great-grandfather King Throbos (also grandfather of Dybele, Florimel’s dead mother) and spends her time wandering shadow for diversion. She’s a Manic Pixie Dreamgirl with wit, power and sharp teeth.

Twisk is a fine Shapeshifter for a faery, a full Conjuror and Sorcerer (though lazy), an extremely good World-walker, has an Affinity for Green magic and knows some Power Words. Her Attributes are very high for a faery and her dodging is fantastic — she’s effectively an aikido and parkour master.

Florimel is fond of her, usually, and had given her a few Trumps, a substantial line of credit on Earth and travel passes with several of Amber’s trading Houses.

Twisk recently helped William recruit 30 or so fae to guard Arden. She picked (mostly) useful ones who were deep in their ruler’s bad books to the point of being turned into trees, rocks or animals, via surprise Pattern-assisted snatch and grabs with William.



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