Blind woman of the Rebman court, married to Prince Random


5’3" tall, looks like Audrey Hepburn, dark brown hair and eyes.

A noble of Queen Moire’s court but not a Rebman herself, and blind despite the court’s magical resources. Moire “punished” Random by making him marry Vialle. They fell in love.

When Random was imprisoned in Amber, Vialle went there and talked him into offering his parole, then talked Eric into granting it.

Vialle is a favorite of the entire Amber court and gets the credit for making Random into something socially acceptable.

Vialle is King Eric’s unofficial liaison to Queen Moire, and to Eric’s sister Llewella, neither of whom like him at all.

Inanna twinned herself a child with all of her most likeable traits and none of the crazy, manifested her in Tir-na Nog’th at horrible cost, summoned Queen Moire via a dream and dropped the child gently into the sea nearby with instructions to raise her kindly. Moire obliged.

Vialle has now walked the Pattern in TnN, breaking its tie with Amber, and reunited with and dominated her other self with a bit of help from Gaius, Random and some angry moon-witches. SEE INANNA-VIALLE



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