Mantles of Power


Mantles of Power are magical constructs empowered by and defined by the ritually correct worship of mortals. A person, immortal or otherwise, who has a cult and a Mantle is a “god” in the usage of the Old Order. In the current order most ‘gods’ are spirits. (A demon, considered to be such but worshipped with effective rituals is a ‘god’ in this usage.)

Spirits’ Mantles are part of them and a spirit with a Mantle is confined to one shadow.

An embodied person with a Mantle has to leave it behind if he or she moves to another Shadow. A cast off Mantle will dissipate (actually, will be consumed by lucky nearby spirits) unless it has been bound to an item of some sort. Item-bound Mantles can continue to accumulate power from a cult even in their maker’s absence. Anyone who manages to acquire and master a Mantle effectively becomes the god.

The cultists’ notions of what the god does, set into the rituals (Thor, for example: weather, oaths, war, strength, protector of men), limit what the Mantle can do for the god.

In most shadows most cults’ rituals are marginally effective at best. The exceptions have active, dangerous gods, spirit or otherwise.


Mantles of Power

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