Amber: Something Wicked

Session 19
Rise up! Your chains are broken. Or LR gets a new sandbox. And hey - We got the Prick!!!

Lisette is working on mental contact with her children, to a moderate success. Now though, the plan is to help Little Red take back the world of his birth. Apparently

It is revealed to be a triple world populated by Humans, Elves and Salamanders. The Salamanders are the most powerful, but the least populous and the heaviest controlled. The Elves have sealed themselves up, but there could be Salamanders in disguise. But probably not. Salamanders are being controlled by their names, and were built that way by their previous master: Orokan. Totally in Thrall by someone who has their names, which Yagamar has. They are being contained by a book. Plans are being bandied about concerning the book.

But then we started to focus on the invisible sword. Amongst its powers, is it’s ability to kill beings with a mantle. Jandar has been to the place so is familiar.

William, Lisette and Little Red are gearing up for the assault. We are taking Grace & Harald with them. Arrive in the lands of the Humans, stumble upon a castle where the past is being replayed many many times. William’s pet is called Draco (Now and for all time is called thus).

In the Castle, a ‘Guardian’ jumps up and threatens Jandar, who had been it’s torturee for years. Lisette blasts it with a mental contact. After a little more back and forth smacktalk, Little Red gemmed him.

William has the sword, and Yagamar showed up in a big cloud. Bitching and taunting back and forth. Yagamar thinks he will walk a Pattern, promised by Obbie. Setting up traps for us and stopping us from leaving. Just a full blown elemental army to jump us as we exit.

Lisette is going to feel out the ward and see why it seems to block out Trump. Yagamar the Storm God – with a mantle, he is a God, but not Pattern guy. Just the rituals are being done correctly. LR is debating on just booting the fuck out of Yagamar. Buying the world and its trappings. Not going to go on gross changes.

LR is finding his mother and half-brother’s mother.

William sits down to a nice family dinner – paternity is discussed. Then after retiring to the library for brandy and cigars. They Trump LR and he details the dangers and history of the Jewel of Judgement.

Explaining how he wants to borrow the Jewel to track down Oberon. Eric demurs – doesn’t want LR to go BatShit crazy while he sequesters himself with the Jewel.

Visiting Bel, New Goddess being added to the Pantheon, Art & Magic is being bandied about.

Drawn into Trump with Flora, looking to use all of the “BIG BRAINS” to track down Oberon.

LR contacts his Dad and invites him to the Party. Passes him the Mothers and they continue on.

Back at Castle Amber – everyone is gearing up for Bear. A really big Bear.

Initiating the contact – Oberon is actually in the Castle – Disguised as Gerard. Lisette goes to freeze Oberon, William is going to attempt to Limb Him. Little Red goes for a physical attack – and unexpectedly succeeded! William gets slapped against a wall, LR gets the same, but not after he had lost the better part of a hand. Lisette drops the mental link, and goes for a full blown TRUMP FUCKING JAM. Back in the room with Oberon, LR drops the Skull Clap on him – jolting him to the point where William could stick him with his sword. William gets swatted into the wall HARD. Goes to kill LR, with his other hand, Draco distracts Oberon, long enough for Eric to arrive and start to fight.

Eric goes full offensive and Oberon was seriously geeked up at that point, and as Eric begins to cut him down, Brand arrives to keep the curse un-uttered. We find out that he ‘ate’ Gerard, and was hiding out since Vol went down. Eric goes and walks the Pattern, goes on a Horny Pattern Master Level Sexual escapade – with Grace.

William gets put back together – and is advised to not use his head for anything important – which shouldn’t be too hard.

Mostly Gerard stuff – pretty much mundane things with the exception of Trumps – Family Trumps as well as one to his lab in a rich country filled with rich evil bastards that do what they wanted to do, because they were rich.

Tally -

Benedict – Alive and in Japan
Eric – Banging Grace
Corwin – Dead
Dierdre – Alive and wishing she could have chopped Daddy in mincemeat
Caine – Comes back and visits, saying good work.
Fiona – Visits – because it was Gerard, and now Pattern Master of Vol’s old Pattern
Blaise – Almost walking and regaining use of the replacement limbs
LLewella – Working for Moire
Brand – There at the end – kept the curse from settling
Florimel – Looking after things
Julian – Pattern Master of the Forest Pattern
Gerard – Dead and eaten by Oberon
Random – Married to Vialle

Visit Lab and see what Dickery was there. Find a Trump of Dworkin that actually works – and contact him – pass out for awhile and then a good conversation with Dworkin with Night in Otherworld.

LR Joins – shares his thoughts on the Death of Oberon. We agree to arrange entertainment for Dworkin.

William is having a tete-a-tete with Eric. Discussion of various things – Mother walking pattern, fertility restoration.

LR and Lisette discussing haul of things – agree to burn cache of Elder body parts which Oberon had so that he could have duplicated any Elder.

Session 18 Manipulations and Machinations

9/29/12 Gauis, Little Red, and Lisette in attendance.

Aula and Gauis come back from vacation. Aula has gotten her backlog done. They need to have a discussion with their mother (Claudia) about what to do with Octavia. She’s also a little sick of Bohemian living, wants to explore the universe. Gaius is being sent out to review the troops. Figure she needs to put the slacker to work after he’s been off on vacation for two years.

Little Red learns that he can ‘bar’ individuals from his realm – apparently new information for him.

Back to Gauis. He’s concentrating on making a suit of silk armor. After mucking about with Mom-stuff, he’s freed up. Now the plan is to muck work (Prince/General/Inspector General) for a week or so.

Little Red going back to Amber – got a call from Eric – Twisk caused some problems. Unintentionally of course.

Lisette is going to help Flora get her backlog done, need Trumps of Caine, Eric, Dierdre, lots of Elves(30), extra Flora’s, Gerard. Aula just got press ganged into creating some of the Trumps needed as well.

Gauis is tagging along with Little Red.

Twisk is, annoyingly, hooking up with Eric and not a safe target for Little Red’s ire. For now. Apparently Twisk found Jandar – in a desert as a statue. Got him freed, but in the process, apparently managed to piss off Yagamar, Jandar’s petrifier. [Twisk wandered into Jandar’s homeworld centuries*?* ago, had an affair, came back and found he’d been petrified - and his spirit sent to a hell -, failed to disenchant him, came back many years later (expecting the wizard responsible would be dead), failed again, and took advantage of William and his recruits to drag J away and free him.]

Jandar, after centuries (?) in hell, is on board with the killing of the Yagamar. Little Red would like to recruit Jandar to lead his National Army. Jandar is more suited for the job than the forest one he has. He just owes the other people that got him out of there rescue. Signs up.

LR’s concern now, is that how much did this piss off Yagamar?

Gaius is now shmoozing Deirdre’s gang of elf chicks who are – challenged for male companionship that is erudite enough. Or funny. Or cute. Though alcohol is helping. Drinking with the the girls. Deirdre shares a strange liquor made for Amberites and their particular constitution. Debating the merits of nailing his Aunt, which is a big fat No. However – elf poontang is in season – and someone else is too. Dierdre talks up Gauis to her companions. All of the elves were recruited from those who had been punished fairly severely in some form or fashion. Gauis got one, who didn’t want to share, but who is a good shapeshifter. [Most of the fae recruits had been transformed into trees, animals, drooling idiots and the like. Newly freed, they’re a lot like folk just released from prison.]

Little Red is going Gold shopping. Decides the hit the Federal Reserve in a shadow of Manhattan, after a Neutron Strike. Runs off with two 5-ton truckloads Trumped to Shadizar. (Tiring much.) Financing a national army, or most anything else, will not be a problem. Jandar has a serious (terminal) qualms about supporting a god-king as his world and family have a nasty history with such. LR takes him on a tour where Jandar sees that his new boss is actually popular some places (especially with the ‘Mormons’), spurns ceremony and ass-kissing, and that the religious observances consist of quick prayers before using magic. “They say the prayer, and they get the power, or else bad things happen.”

Jandar tells Little Red of his homeworld’s God-King Orokan - Real dickish God-King, wanted adulation and all praise, and wasn’t about to let a little thing like human sacrifice and blood letting stand in his way to get it. Jandar’s ancestor assassinated Orokan, using a weapon provided by a mysterious rival. Orokan had a title in a dead language LR recognizes as Thari. LR explains his plans.

Jandar signs up for revenge on Yagamar. Turns him loose on the remnants of the world that aren’t under his control. Discussing ways to get most of the people to follow him as opposed to how they are fighting amongst each other. Logistics to be worked later. Jandar says a war against nations of fanatics would be devastating — can LRed take out the leadership, both divine and human? [J also introduces the term ‘daemon’ = powerful spirit, which LR adopts. Shadizar’s gods are daemon-gods. LR is a living god. Yagamar’s world, in Jandar’s time, had lost the technique of effective — godly-mantle-producing — prayer.]

Gauis is patrolling elves, or trolling as it were. Found an Erl-Tiger. Green Tiger/Black Stripes. Sapient, and doesn’t take the oath. Gauis changes to wolf and wants to chase him up a tree. Tiger not impressed and Gauis slams him into a tree. Swore fealty, and is very excited to be part of the team. Helping Amber’s royalty out and not be killed.

Continuing patrol in Arden (the one next to Amber) – strong reptilian smell. Could be a Dragon. Checking out turns out to be a non-winged dragon variety, working south, towards Amber. Scarred, storm houndish in nature. Could be an old foe of Julian. Snorts smoke. Contacts Julian, gets some pointers on how to take it down. Marshaling forces to work on how to beat on it.

Dragon attack. Gauis was able to kill the dragon, without taking any permanent casualties. Reports to Dierdre, she changes the orders of the patrol. Probably will have more things that will start to invade since Julian is gone.

Lisette is happy being a mom, bonding with her daughters, and generally practicing conjuration. Floimel has debarked to Florence to work on assignments from Eric – lots of new faces in forest of Arden need Trumps.

Report comes in that a Conjurer reports that his wife and six year old son are missing. Last assigned mid-Seattle shopping trip. Personal trip – they live there. Never got back from the trip. Florimel met him once. Good Conjurer, almost able to help himself. Well liked. Brought to Lisette, especially when children go missing. Lisette is high powered enough to burn through the interference to at least get to the trail and follow. Find chanting man, frozen in a mind lock before he can reach the kid. Silver wire for the mother to serve as a conduit for terror and pain from observing that her son getting killed.

Real talented – brilliant – called Little Red to gem that fucker. Done and done.

The conjurer had a real ego, didn’t tell any others about the spell, Lisette is getting the child into the sorcery school. Lisette also gets the family most of the way into the inner circle of things.

On to do list – Police the BBS groups to stop magical cults from rising. Bel had come in to watch the girls and have a little one-on-one time with them.

Retires back to Paris, visits with Bel. Going to Florence to help with backlog.

Little Red, going about wiping out Daemons [formed from a universal/monotheistic god who had shattered due to rampant sectarianism, becoming seven gods determined to eliminate each other] that don’t share his vision, really fighting amongst themselves instead of joining the team. Assembling a replacement pantheon. Sending in change via dreams. He got them all dreaming the same seven part epic mini-series. The old gods were the first against the wall when the revolution came.

Previously recruited gods observed at a distance. Yep: Total surrender was the way to go.

Session 17 Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Little Red, William, Lisette (plus two), Brand, Harry, and Caine are at the Magma pool. Trying to investigate the surroundings. It is a disposal site. More than likely linked through a trump. We are setting up booby traps. With poison. And spikes. And springs, and acids… In other words, it’s a real mess if you don’t know about the stuff here.

Lisette going back to Earth, presumably to take a load off. Flora is off doing things for Eric, diplomatic stuff. Lisette brings up issues with the running of countries that she would like to get taken care of. Essentially a “Nesting” process on a global scale. She wants people to be happy, but really wishes to get the rampant greed and corruption in National Government. Flora suggests getting desired legislation passed via bribery, blackmail and/or threats. The Organization has extensive files for that. Changes of heart, so to speak, could often be managed by sending repeated nightmares. Lisette adds ‘sudden deaths’ to the toolbox.

William has a nice quiet dinner with Caine. Shop talk, (poisons, destruction of villages, etc.) Now speaking with Eric. Offering William positions in the government – Hey – BE A GENERAL! HEY – BE A PRINCE!! Prince Consort in Rebma is what he is hoping for, but the position doesn’t exist yet. (It’s a culture thing) Anyways – Eric at this point, should be aware of the Bleys situation. (Via a squealing Lisette to Flora to Eric)

Little Red – heading back to Shadeeza (point of entry from the Amber High Road – also from where his mom and Big Reds mom came from) Shadizar. Going to put in some time to get it up and working better, or as he sees fit.

In his words, “I inherited a fixer upper, but I don’t want to disappoint my parents memory by burning it for the insurance money.”

Little Red’s research, “If I Gem a Spellcaster, can I get them to fill racks?” He is using this to put together a number of things. He wants robots filling racks. So he goes to do that.

Now is looking for wizards, allies, for at least the foreseeable future. He has a proposal. Come with me if you want to live, he really wants all the magical energy of the world. Got about half of the worlds power (Malevolent Laughter). Now getting the wizards out of there. Relocating Wizard colony on Rufus Minoria. (Greek/Italian City States in Shadizar). Lessons Learned.

Lisette is recuperating at home (Paris) awaiting the blessed birth of her twin girls.

William, in the meantime is contracting with Twisk to get some Fae on his payroll. He has trees. (Good reason). Recruiting for Eric for the Amber Arden forest. Got about 33, 13 pretty good fighters (Really good by fairy standards) by sashaying into a dozen faery domains where Twisk is persona non grata and stealing out-of-favor — bespelled, cursed, transformed, abused — courtiers. The faeries’ job is to live in Arden and keep it safe, keep the king informed of what goes on there, not cause too much trouble. Eric, Deirdre and Caine reinforce William’s demonstration of why their new bosses should be taken seriously. Flora is inundated by Trump orders and requests. Twisk sticks around a bit to ‘consult with the king on faery custom’; closely; in private.

Lisette – it’s happening NOW!

Paris Town House has the most impressive security that has been conceived. Flora Trumps back. Bel is in attendance, Little Red expressed an interest in being present. Gaius is there as well. William is also invited. The house is prepped with the latest medical devices and trained personnel. Lisette is focusing on staying calm, and thinking good thoughts about an easy and safe delivery of her twin daughters.

Little Red gets a wild hair and researches zero-point energy devices – also known as bombs, making sure that Oberon doesn’t get a wild hair and decide to blow everything up on earth at one time. Fiona pulls LR through to her ZPE-powered orbital, rotating space station. She fabs out some cheat sheets on precursor technologies to watch for and shows him both the ZPE generator and a 30-megaton bomb (cantaloupe sized) so he can get a feel for them, magically. ZPE is tricky. Worlds that develop it usually end up as lifeless rockballs or as a asteroid belts. ZPE generators are especially tricky. With considerable variation between different shadows. ZPE is a possible thing on both Earth and Shadizar. LR Trumps back and discusses bootstrapping a space program with magic, Pattern and Trumps with Florimel and, between contractions and via intercom, Lisette.

Angeline and Annette – are born, and after a hearty announcing of their presence to the world, this calms down when their mother pulls them in close, and begins to nurse them. The air gets thick as the objects in the room want to come alive to help as well. Anyways – she will be busy keeping two beautiful children calm enough so that she can do things as well as be a parent.

Session 16 Life in the Very Fast Lane

(Two logs sketchily combined here. Mea Culpa. Some minor retconning to match up timelines.)

Vialle’s destination shadow is a Renaissancesque world with lots of magic. They name it Amalfi after the first town they come to. Random has acquired saddle bags full of unmarked gold ingots along the way. V&R rent a villa and V, LR and Will magic up defenses. The local Number One wizard objects to the drain on the ley line (or to their existence) with a cloud of carnivorous locusts; he and his do not survive the mistake. Other local wizards are extremely cooperative after that.

Gaius and Aula move to the city with the best artists.

Little Red goes north and takes a castle for a base, eliminating the nasty sorcerer-Graf there in the process. (Vialle had requested LR confine his experiments to Bad People.)

William finds a nice town fore his work.

Aula and Gaius — see Gaius’ post.

Lisette catches up on her Trump making, starting with Vialle. Then Bel Trumps in and they take an extended vacation. Lisette wants to get married. Bel tells her that Empress is a job and a religious post… the populace would expect the God-Emperor’s wife to be a goddess as well. And being a deity means one is affected by the expectations and desires of his or her worshippers. Lisette is willing to accept the burden. They’ll have to design he cult carefully.

Little Red starts by experimenting with ley lines and finds he can shift one, slowly, by moving a lot of ghosts around. Then he investigates the details of how creating/finding a new shadow: the walk towards it sets up process in the Tree so that when one takes the final step it the details (heavily influenced by nearby shadows) crystallize into reality. Then LR starts the slow process of discovering the art and science of personality alteration by trial and error, one Bad Person at a time. As most lower class Bad People are executed pdq he’s perforce mostly preying on the upper classes where they are not uncommon. After a time the local region is starting to become a better place to live. People come to him from all around to tell him about their own oppressors. The work proceeds. Two years in, he’s got it. Sadly, Pattern based abilities, including Trump, do not survive being gemmed. [FYI, Big Red’s Pattern powers did not survive the loss of his Pattern-ghost body. He could walk one again but they aren’t really designed to affect the Otherworld so he has other priorities.]

William designs, makes, redesigns & improves a wide variety of useful amulets and gadgets. He manages to replicate the ‘Rebma effect’ that protects against drowning, water pressure, cold and pruniness. He starts work on designing a jhereg (Brust’s work is a shadow of Will’s…). Will is pleased with the result.
Moire arrives for a nice, month-long vacation. They have a fine time wining, dining, hunting, gambling… William learns that Moire’s daughter Ellonwy wants a dog. He designs one that combines the best physical features of canines and otters. The only awkward thing is that William would like to have some sort of formal position in Tir fo Thune. TfT does not have prince-consorts in its lexicon. Any child a queen has is, obviously, hers so legitimacy is not a even a native concept. TfTans are used to the ‘position’ of ‘guy (usually) the Queen is banging’. Moire can give him a military or a consulting position…

Vialle has occasional bad days - the others can feel it many miles away.

William finishes and leaves first. He visits the Pattern Formally Mastered By Vall and finds a Vall-spawn male named Harald there studying Fiona’s posted offer and Trump monolith. William recruits him. Another, female Valler watches from a comfortable distance and later talks, at a distance. She’s Tevya (the admiral who got away) and informs William that she has no vendetta against Amber or Tir fo Thune or Bel. Not a joiner. She prefers to find her own fortune, thank you very much.

Lisette hits eight months plus and Trumps to Earth. Every possible comfort is arranged, every contingency covered. The elementals of Earth are ecstatic.

Little Red eventually (two years and a couple of weeks in) takes the time to interrogate the Vall spawn he gemmed in Amber. The primary useful intelligence is that Bleys was captured. Vall had Bleys’ arms and legs removed and the stumps sealed. They studied Bleys’ Trumps and worked out how to jam them. A carrying case was made up with Bleys’, Fiona’s and Brand’s Trumps affixed along with magical artifacts to block all three and magical batteries to run them. Bleys was watered, fed and hosed off irregularly. Bleys and his case were probably just abandoned when Vall died. Well, shit.
LR Trumps his father, Brand. Brand puts his interest in this gemming stuff on hold. Bleys is still jammed, or at least. Fiona’s brought in. She’s jammed. LR’s technique, even backed by dad and auntie, is insufficient… Brand is not fully in control of his rage and Fi is barely holding it together. LR consults Lisette, an uninvolved Trump Artist. Lis says they couldn’t have her Trump. She comes to them (very pregnant), accompanied by Bel. She breaks through and Brand pulls Bleys — emaciated, dehydrated, comatose — through. After mystic first aid, Fiona has to leave to vent. Lisette leaves. LR and Brand take Bleys to Shadeeza. Fiona joins them. Bleys recovers enough to talk. LR offers to gem him, then take him to the Otherworld for a new body like Big Red. Bleys declines. Fiona leads them on the Starry Path to the Otherworld. LR Trumps BR. Night shows up. Arrangements are made: a expert Maker healer, Kilisandra, plants Bleys, head out, in a mound near the Tree; limb regeneration is a standard procedure. Fi and Brand arrange a pavilion and trade off shifts watching Bleys.

Lisette, back on Earth, is shocked by by the death of Martin, who attacked Girard — and whom Girard killed in turn. No trump fuckery, no magic fuckery, and we can’t gem or speak with dead anybody because all the souls have departed. This is because of a new enchantment on Martin’s sword, which was placed in the last couple of days. Girard reports that when he slugged Martin, it ripped loose some of the shapeshifter-patches inside him, and when he broke Martin’s neck, he passed out. We had to interrogate him by mental contact because he hadn’t come to.

Girard is transfered to Shadizar to recover.

Tracing Martin’s sword, we find the original in a pool of lava that was maintained Oberon-style. There’s something we’re missing . . .

And, of course, all Our Heroes practiced their new Drought of Inspiration-augmented powers and abilities.

Gaius Solo (makeup?)

(Gaius was floated during the “fast shadow setup operations”)

Assisting with the security and preperation of our trip to a fast shadow, Random takes care of alot of the details as we shadow walk, Gold…clothing…etc…
arrive at a place called Amalfi, Italy spinoff shadow. Magic is prevalent as well as all the different things that everyone wanted for the next 300 to 600 or so days.

Assist in renting a villa and setting up Vialle and Random there, On a ley-line and we draw an objection once we start to pull power from it. THe keep across the bay is the home of a mage and he sends carniverous grasshoppers after us, but we felt his preperations and cut him off at the knees… probablity tricks to ensure the grasshoppers eat each other, then sending Gaius and William in to kick down doors and take names. other local mages arrive the next day and are much more polite and amenable to being paid.

Gaius and Aula head off to an artists dream city, about 80 miles from Vialle and Randoms place. They rent a Villa together and Gaius sets up security with mostly local talent, but brings in a team of werewolf leaders. one Lieutenant and a pair of Sergeants to run security. Aula goes bohemian artist and there are hot and cold running parties and art discussions on a continual basis after that. She also “disappears” some people who had been taking advantage of some of her new friends, including a son of a local politico who liked to force young servant/peasant girls as a bonus of his noblility.. Aula bit him…seriously!

(bodies are trumped to a hidden cave which Aula had Gaius find first thing off, and disposed of there..down an old abandoned mineshaft)

Some time later the Villa is attacked by a force of Mercs and assasins, paid by the father of a certain missing noble. Gaius and the were’s take down the attempt with little trouble, trying to kill as little as possible on Gaius’s order. Gaius then sends the survivors back to their leaders (Italian Mob, Mercanaries, and assasin guild)
with compliments and a request to not take more jobs against him or his sister (implied is the promise of payment, and the threat of possible destruction)
The Noble Father/Councilman is abducted by a werewolf and then flown away by Gaius in a huge eagle form. Gaius takes him to a Middle Eastern city a long ways away, Flying and shadowshifting to get there. He is sold into slavery for a silver piece (robbery) and specifically to a sodomizing asshole, for some “shoe is on the other foot” payback.

Aula spends her time being a bohemian artist, and improves her Trump Artistry..Gaius also exercises her and makes sure she eats occaisionally. She was involved in the fracas of the assasination attempt and took a minor wound, by by being slow. Gaius “helps” her speed back up again…

Gaius spends his time enjoying the bohemian lifestyle and bohemian ladies. along with learning to play Guitar (saw on earth and liked better than the Reman Lute) Music and Dancing and Nights of Passion…oh my!
He also spends time working with some serious bodybuilders to increase his Strength, And running the woods as a were and learning some new animal forms, Takes Zoology training to learn more about animals and animal capabilities, currently cannot shrink and spends most of his time learning some LARGE animal forms and mostly Predators.
He also spends some time learning cabinet making and crafts a Trio of Fine Cabinets for Aula to turn into Trump targets for himself, herself, and Mom.

((gaius spent his bonus stuff on Str7, Unlimited animal shapes, a trick to increase his warfare while “ghosted”) (and some skills to increase his knowledge)) the points from THIS solo (2) will go to Shrinking….

Session 15 Admiral Wabbit, Mistress Fiona... Vacation Plans

Saturday Jun 16th game
“Vall spawn” flee from battle after they feel Vall’s Death.
Little Red and Will Teleport over to close shadow paths created in the invasion. Some other amber groups go to other portals. Little Red and Will feel someone teleport near the portal that Little Red is closing. Vall troops are still pouring out the portal. A “Tiger” heads towards the portal. Will hits it with a dagger with paralytic poison on it, subduing her (with some work). They spot another spawn that is flying and Will hits him with a dagger as well. Little Red closes a Shadow path. Some other defenders pretend to be Vall and usher some of the enemy back through the portals. Little Red and Will track another spawn fleeing through shadow. We capture him. Little Red and Will captured 3 Vall spawn while the rest of the amber defenders captured 7.
Fiona takes over her pattern and the elementals love her and heal her wounds. Fiona creates a trump out of rock as notice for anyone who would like to walk her pattern.

[Fiona returns to The Pattern Formerly Mastered By Vall. The local elementals go all-out to make friends by healing her of her remaining burns and ocular damage. She seems to be both appreciative and amused.

Fiona alters the rules to Fiona’s Pattern: whomever she wishes may walk it, she says. She then raises a monolith, smooths a side and engraves a Trump on it with an enchanted fingernail. When finished she writes an invitation above it in Thari, inviting parties interested in walking her Pattern to Trump through and interview for the privilege. Lisette takes the opportunity to walk Fiona’s pattern – Gotta catch them all!!!

Fi thanks Gaius & company for the help and dismisses them. She’ll be acquiring underlings from a position of power, comfort and safety. When — if — she returns she’ll bring her own army.]
Vall spawn attack the Shadow Deiga. They are failing in there attack and the Vall spawn flee. We all get together and chase one ship that is running away with a large storm around it. We are lent a ship form Deiga to chase them down. We use elementals and probability to catch and immobilize the ship we are chasing. We find one dead Vall spawn and find out that the other one fled. We fail in catching the other one. On the ship Lisette frees 2 storm fey which promise to grant her a favor in the future (which they never expect to grant). Little Red gems the dead Vall spawn about 50% successfully. We head back to Deiga with the survivors of both ships.

[The attack fails when all the zombies wake up, get a clue and go apeshit on their former masters.

They chase the Vallspawn admiral who, unlike most of her siblings, has an exit plan. Exit Plan A — sail away fast with slaved storm-fae providing perfect winds — falls to probability tricks. Plan B — shapeshift into a fish and wait for the pursuers to go away — works. Shapeshift to Any Animal + SS Aura: 8 points of pure gold for the former admiral.]
We make preparations for our gifts and entertainment for Night. We meet up and Lisette trumps Night. We present her with our gifts. Little Red prepared a banquet with magically mutated meat and vegetables. Makers come to join the festivities. Gaius gives Night a deed and a trump to a villa in Rema (not sure the spelling). Lisette shows them plays [she rented the Royal Shakespeare Company] and also gives Night 2 trumps of places in Earth. It is decided that Night will get a hold of Will when she is ready to take part on his outing designed for her. Night then takes us through her castle to the draught of inspiration. We each take a drink and are changed for ever!!!

[All four are all World Class Bards, capable of whipping up verse in minutes in any style they are familiar with. Given time to prep they can make an audience, cheer, weep and laugh. Plus several points of Inspiration good for most Attributes and/or any Power. They’ll need some practice time/training to practice said gains into usefulness.]
We then decide to go to a sped up shadow created by a pattern master. (I am a little unclear on what was finally decided with this part)
[Gaius, hearing of William’s 100:1 fast time feat suggests to Vialle-Inanna that his sister could become a very useful Trump Artist in jiff time practicing somewhere at the better-than-that time ration a Pattern Mistress (with a high Psyche) could manage. Vialle likes the idea and could really use some time to meditate (read: solidify her dominance in the Vialle-Inanna psyche) and rest. Random has suggestions for the shadow’s R&R specs. William and Little Red invite themselves along thinking about lots of time for Conjuring and research. Lisette jumps on the bandwagon thinking about tons of leisurely time for Trump making, gestation and talking about relationships with Bel.

Vialle and Random are bemused but not adverse: this shadow will have to be in the Middle Realms because Heaven is not geared for shadow creation any more than the Otherworld is, and tag-alongs = backup if there is trouble. Also: it’ll be a whole planet; they won’t be crowding each other. Vialle figures she can manage maybe 300:1 for a day or two PSTR*, with a day or two to get there. Anyone can Trump out at any time.

They have a couple of days to get ready for the trip.

*PTSR = Pattern Standard Time Rate]

Session 14 Vall, We Hardly Knew Ye

June 2, Lisette, Little Red, Gaius

MAJOR RETCON: WILLIAM WAS INVOLVED. INSERT WILLIAM WITH (W)(retcon, Fiona walks Julians pattern at the end of the last session, Trains any conjurors (W) in detecting different things quickly when arriving in a shadow…(like whether Nukes work, and if there are MEGA elementals close by)

Vialle [she wants to be called ‘Vialle’] spends time relaxing and thinking, then goes to her pattern and attempts something that fails, comes to rest and asks Random and Gaius if they have ties to shadows that she can use as anchors.
She conjures more stone plinths which we decorate with our blood, and she uses these as anchors to the real amber universe. She looks surprised, then tells us she didnt see that coming…turns off the trump blocker stones. She transports us to the other side of the Moon from her pattern…after we move away from her pattern a couple miles. She tells us she recreated a portion of the God Home level of reality. We cannot shadow walk from here but can Trump. Starpath will she says not to worry about me messaging Night as she should be here momentarily… then pops us back to her pattern and conjures lounge chairs and drinks in anticipation..

2 hours later Night arrives, on frostmane with another frostmane scion and a woman. 7’ tall , very muscular. Vialle gets up and welcomes Night, who picks her up and hugs her, mental communion ensues, and Night says she is relatively sane too. Night introduces Iron Knife, the 7’ woman who is a bit off…Heavyier than she should be. Who says its about time we moved to remove Oberon, and show some backbone. Gaius asks “what assistance can she be then?” she says she will not be killing any of her sisters children any time soon. More discussion ensues then she pats Gaius in approval (almost knocks him down) and goes over to one of the plinths and splits it in half with her blade. [The sister is Iron Staff, Oberon’s mother. They’re taking a hand at the urging of a third sister who is one of the petrified Seven who… modulate? the Tree of Creation. The Sisters’ usual, eternal job is maintaining the machinery that grinds the Elder God Who Invented Matter into ur-matter to expand the Otherworld and feed the Tree. Ur-matter because ‘proto-matter’ is taken. The stone sister has had Just About Enough of Vall’s antics.]

Suddenly Random AND Gaius are innundated with Trump calls..Gaius takes Little Reds who asks if He is responsible…as if, then asks if what happened was Valls fault, which i tell him is a negative, and he hangs up. Then Gaius answers a callfrom MOM…who wants to know if he is well. He briefs her on the what is going on. And his ideas about sister and having Innana owe us..or at least come to us for Trumps.
Mom wants to come thru so we get full introductions, etc..

Little Red is calling Erik and warns him that I was resonsible in realeasing Inanna and LR is NOT at fault.

Random is telling his line that ERIK is first then Fiona and Brand cut in front and refuse to wait. Night walks over and cuts in on Everyone and says “He will talk to you later” and cuts him off

Gaius gets another call, this time its Brand, who wants to know who cut him off from Random. I tell him, and he says there is something wrong (puzzling) about the place were at, i ask premission then pull him thru.

He bows to Vialle/Inanna, bows all the important people. Then chats with vialle about how she did this, then wanders off and calls LR to come, pulls him thru. And has him open his senses…Vialle rebuilt or resurrected a bit of the Godhome here, they discuss moving or buiding in this area after we win a couple wars.

Erik gets contacted, Night and Iron Knife are going to trump to him directly, Frostmane and his kid will head off on thier own. Random tells Gaius they think they want to do this Speed thing VERY soon.

LR discusses Power Mechanics with Brand, Pattern energy in Heaven (Godshome).

Lisette is doing trumps and Bel. She pops over to Earth for something and runs into Twisk (elf fey cousin), who sniffs Lisette and tells her she is pregnant.

Gaius calls Lisette to arrange a meeting with Bel, to pass along the message given him by Inanna.
She is heading off to get Bel and will call back in a min, Gaius heads off to warn Inanna. Lisette trumps Bel and gets pulled thru, she briefs him about being Pregnant. Happiness ensues, then she tells him about Vialle and she blames Gaius for being the one who brought her back, HE says she is overestimating Gaius and under underestimating Inanna, and asks if Gauis is changed, She says Gaius is the same Dull Cretin that he always was.

Lisette calls Gaius on the trump, he gets a severe headache (angry trump, better psyche). Hands off to Bel who gets pulled thru along with Lisette. He heads over to Inanna, who out front tells him she needs a divorce. He agrees pleasantly, and asks who she wants to officiate, the God or Goddess of marriage. We are all witnesses. Official Divorce Ceremony ensues (a ritual of some mystic significance when it involves gods of marriage) and halfway thru Brand shows up to watch the power show. (drawn by the power) LR comes too.
Inanna hands Gaius a witchlight, then teleports him off to the Palace for Food, Drink, etc..just crush the light to come back…he has a pair of BIG baskets when he returns. A Reception is arranged after.

Brand and LR are discussing power in the universe again… Brand wanders off again sensing the power and functions of the area, the world orbits the moon, EVERYTHING orbits this moon. [The moon rotates daily, the planet orbits it — rotating daily too — monthly and the star-thing orbits both perhaps yearly.]

Vialle asks Lisette not to make any Trumps of this place without permission. Lisette tells her she wouldnt without permission anyway. Lisette also tells her that Brand might be one to warn not to also.

Oberon is barred from the Starry Path, according to Inanna…

We trump Night and pass along the request from us to Night about the Well of Inspiration…she agrees and we prepare to travel with Night to Amber then on to her palace, AFTER we gather “gifts”. “Surprise me,” she said.
We discuss the ability to speed up a shadow to God level speed…LR chats with Inanna on ways to “convice” people to change loyalties. Looking to gain the skill during the Speed Shadow.

Ideas bandied about for ideas for Gifts…

LR gives Gaius some items, WMD detectors, etc…

We head to Amber with Night…Iron Knife and Iron Staff (oberon’s mother) and will set up a surprise for Vall if he shows up in Amber. Iron Knife bashes a snarky Caine into the wall a few times to encourage him to respect his elders, then Gerard kisses the walls too when he walks in and goes to his brothers defense. Gerard is a bit shocked. Iron Knife pats Gerard on the shoulder approvingly: he’s a “nice sturdy boy.” Eric gets briefed by Gaius on what happened to Tir, full story not tidbits. Frostmane arrives with his kid, then Caine and Dierdre want to go too so we wind up riding double, heading for the Underworld.

Lisette is celebrating the divorce with Bel and heading off to Earth to gather her “gift” (as an aside AIDS is dead, the entire viral species cursed by her)— some performances of Shakespeare’s hits in the Otherworld by the Royal Shakespearean Company. Along with money Lisette’s people promise miracles if needed; Lisette has someone’s father cured of cancer to build credit).
Lisette hints to Bel that she WANTS to get married…they Discuss marriage and its ramifications for Bel as a GOD of Marriage. They table the question with him asurring her that he is not going to run off and marry someone else. They discuss raising the child and having it in fast time.

Gaius wants to walk shadow for Plants that have Aphrodesiac scent, along with scents that please and relax.
Chats with Mom and determines that he should Give Night a personal Villa in Rema, with a Trump of it for ease of access. (Mom decorates since Gaius’s choice of decor would be inappropriate for a woman.) (Cult of Nox…Night as Minor goddes HERE on Rema and has a Minor Mantle here. Or will when they change the rituals.)

Little Red makes doubles and has them running around searching for Goodies (foods from plants and animals altered by magic and therefor not built to Maker plans)…gets volunteers for his Soul Gem project, Makes some lovely jewelry from gems. He gets alot of goodies and Cooks to fix the special dishes. Brand Trumps LR , he is happy with how the first “Search and Destroy” mission went well. Brand Fiona and Gerard smoked the controlers and made the likelyhood of the freshly de-zombied army turning on their former captors right up at 100 percent.

Gaius’s Villa is ready, then all get trumped. (Lisette, LR, Gaius, Brand) The Vall game is on in Amber. Brand holds a bridgehead.. for LR who heads off to the Mormons to get an Army, He has to get rid of an opponent first but he can easily negate them. He uses Fire Rain (HOT water), then appears in smoke and fire and chases the opponent off to free up the friendly army.

Lisette goes thru, then Trumps Bel.

Brand and Fiona attack some Floating Manowars (eyes in the air) with mental attacks.
Gaius Trumps thru then trumps Sis to head to the standing guard for a Quick Reaction Unit push thru, then calls Mom to warn her. He starts to head off to set up an end point. The enemy has a flying unit being sent after the guys on the roof, Gaius drops a contingent of defenders on the roof, then preps to defend the roof.

(W) Eric and William head off to help Deirdre on the northern front. They gradually start winning and push into the forest and catch the Otherworlder Professional Dragonslaying Team (Iron Knife and Iron Staff each 30’ tall, Ulrik a mere 20’, covered in blood, guts and brains) in action.

Lisette anchors for Bel who starts sending his kids through.

LR calls his anchor person and says call in an hour and be ready send troops/medical/ammo etc…

Lisette gets Grace and another nasty guard (Rodrigo)to help protect her as she pulls in More of Bel’s kids.

General plans…LR (resume true form Power Words, shoot with air gun), Gaius jumps out to toss shapeshifters off the roof as they shapechange. Gaius’ troops lock shields and shield rush to push some shapeshifters off the roof. Lisette continues to pull people through, with someone calling through to not send humans and Bel coming through himself.

LR runs out of ammo and he starts making earth elementals.

Fiona takes charge and makes hunter strike teams with werewolves and Bel’s kids (mainly Grace and Drake who know the palace) and guardsmen to hunt some of Vals kids who are loose in town.

Since attack spells that might be used to try to whack, say, Oberon don’t work near the palace LR is feeling a little under-gunned. Brand goes to LR and says that “he doesn’t have any extra expendable sons” and pulls out some extra rings with mental contact spells for LR to use. Deathbolts are more fun but pack more variety.

Gaius and the other 4 of his soldiers head down to make sure of the shapeshifters tossed off, doubletaps are the Standard Ops.

LR heads down to find some live shapeshifters before Gaius gets to them.

Lisette calls Night to inform her. She hands frostmane and 2 really large horses, and Orelli and Ulric (Thunder’s daughter and son), and then she steps through. She will stay up top and watch. Fiona grabs a deck from her storage and gives it to Night.

Frostmane takes Brand and Fiona off to the area Julian’s allies have cleared and drops them off, then head back to Night.

LR gathers some enemies and then chooses a dead target to “question the dead” on. Asks questions on tactics codes, location of Vall, etc.. Dead guy is mostly outraged that all these people showed up to help Eric and Amber — what’s their percentage? LR heads back up with Gaius to report, Gaius calls Gerard who is busy and then sees Bel’s kid being pulled through, He gives the were sergeant his trump and says call in a second, then rides a Bels kid though to Bel and Gerard.

Lisette and Night Scry and attack behind the lines. [One can use mental touch spells through this scrying spell, and Power Words through the mental touch.]

Gaius finds out that his sister is here WITH the rest of the combat unit, shortly he sends the last of his defensive troops over to protect her. Then scopes out the tactics and strategy of the combat. He is looking for Val or the Vall spawn who trapped him.(Lorelei)

Gerard gets Stabbed by a guy who’d seemed to be not nearly so formidable, Gaius heads towards him, The stabber is attacked mentally, then he shakes it off. (Amulets flare and die.) He sees Gaius coming and points his blade at him, and moves as fast as Bel or Benedict, Vall has appeared. Bel yells “Brother, Bide a moment,” and heads that way.
Val maintains the blade on gaius and throws a blade at Fiona from a great distance and it accelerates then disitegrates an inch from her which ruins a few of her amulets and still knocks her down. Lisette trumps Gerard and pulls him out.
Vall’s kids formed around him to defend, and a lot are nuking the ridgline where Fiona and Brand And LR are fighting back against at least 20 kids. Fiona switches to using Pattern to deflect attacks, which is just barely possible — for her — a mile and a half from the Pattern; if she isn’t distracted by anything, including standing up.

Gaius ghosts and attacks Vall to pull his attention and give Bel an opening, he stays ghosted to keep from getting killed but draws a lot of attacks from Vall spawn, Lisette attempts an power word attack on Vall which is ineffective, but destroys another amulet.

Gaius tries putting a hand IN Val and gets mentally SMACKED for it. Lisette heads to the ridge to help with the spells. Lewella shows up on the ridge and pulls through alot of Tritons. Then she pulls a bow and begins to shoot into the battle.

Val and Bel are fighting with Gaius trying to distract Val, then everyone on the ridge hits Val at the same time (direct sorcerous attack being ineffective, Brand projects an opaque lightg-ball around Vall’s head) which creates enough time for Gaius to jump on Val and knock him into Bel who rams a dirk under Val’s chin and through his brain, and twists it, a lot. Then some leader types of Vall’s Spawn yell “attack” and fade; almost all of Val’’s living spawn are smart enough to pull a runner.

[Meanwhile, in the forest, Iron Knife, Iron Staff and Ulrik have been killing most of the dragons and such in Vall’s forces. And Eric and Deirdre have been working the other front in the battle. Orelli on her divine horse have been galloping around the battle at sports car speed lancing and stomping.]

Half the werewolves are dead, some of LR’s troops, some of Bel’s kids. A lot of the Amber troops are dead or hurt.

After deliberation we all decide Fiona will attemt to take Vall’s pattern. Then maybe pass it to Bleys or maybe Benedict. [The main point in LR’s and Lisette’s dis-favor is that the Pattern Master will have to hold it against some or most of Vall’s surviving spawn.] Night is called to provide transport to the pattern, Gaius is elected to go and be a trump target to pull the other thru. Or we pass a trump to Night to call for help while Orelli and Gaius fight if necessary.

Night uses the starry path to get us there and we find someone walking the pattern. Prime target for a rock. Too bad… one with the universe…
Fiona begins to walk the pattern, Teleports go off and others are flying in.

Gaius shoots a stupid flyer several times at extreme range, Aurelia gets another, closer one with one enchanted arrow.
The rest stay farther away… Fiona finishes after a while, exhausted, calls a staff to her and renews her energy then starts breaking Pattern-twisting stones.

As she breaks the first we get rushed by Val spawn, after she succeeds in breaking the last the spawn all collapse for a while, One smart one who waited just watching, approaches and asks Fi what she did. She answers that she cleaned the pattern, the visitor then stumbles off.
A couple try to swear fealty, which she rejects.

She says this place is a dump and that everyone owes her.

Fi looks for a trumpable object and Night makes her one from a large rock,
She heads home for rest,

Gaius calls mom for 3 legions of were troops, outfitted for extended operations in enemy territory, for guard duty.

Brand tells LR that he needs to gather more strength before doing “that”, then that Fiona will not like the new job very well for long. And to prepare himself to take that pattern if possible, admin and such capabilites will make him a more attractive choice.


Session 12 & 13 -Catch up..Gaius

Session 12 &13 catch up….Gaius only.

Met with Random, told him my dreams and suspicions, he said he would get back with me after talking with Vialle.

Then all heck broke loose with Corwins death, that put my meeting on hold and we didn’t get a chance to get back together till AFTER the funeral. Quite an impressive sight, a royal funeral in the city of Amber. I hope that’s the last one…

Finally met with Random and Vialle together, She has been having similar dreams, dreams of patternwalking and being whole after. Random and her decide its worth the risk, and Random takes off for (Tir-Na-Nogth)? with one of my trumps, once he has it cleared he trumps me and Vialle and I step through.
He has disarmed and tied up the guards, and we are near the pattern room in Tir. Vialle begins walking the pattern, with sure movements, almost as if she can SEE the pattern…though from here i can FEEL it interacting with her. I could almost walk it myself, blindfolded. Random lets out a huge sigh of relief, once she makes it past the first veil, he must have been holding his breath.

Vialle is successful in walking the pattern, and as she finishes the Veil over her eyes is lifted and she turns to look at us(Random)! Then a Psychic Wind from the Pattern blows all of the insubstantial Tir away, though the guards on other floors (tied too) are not dropped, they are all brought to ground level. On a ground a WHOLE lot different from where we started. We are now in a pastoral glade, somewhere ELSE. Gravity is about a third of normal and plants and such a bit different. In the sky is a HUGE world, making me think we are on a moon, that world in the sky is not Earth however.

Vialle begins talking but is whisked away before we gain any information, her face as she disappears is surprised so it wasn’t by her power she left. Random is a bit irritated by this, and after a bit of swearing (i had to take notes, these elders learned alot of swearwords, and alot of different languages) he began freeing the guards while I checked out the area. He got them to agree to serve us since we are a long way from home, and their only ride back. No Trumps work, but we don’t know if that interference was Oberons or something else. so we decide to traipse off away from the pattern to clear the air for better reception.

We all hoof about 20 or so miles, where Random can feel some massive pattern powers being used off in the distance. We instruct the guards to keep following as we are going ahead to see what is going on. And Random and I head for the power, him running at a respectable pace, me switching between 4 legs and 2, eating on the run, only short pauses for water and latrine, Random setting a harsh pace for himself, me running ahead on 4 legs and hunting then switching to 2 to cook.

After 3 days we approach a city, whereupon Random slows his pace and catches his breath. I can use a bit of wind too, since I’ve been scouting on 4 legs all afternoon. There is a building with a dome, sitting approximately in the center of the city, from what we can see as we begin to approach, few guards and citizens, who flee as we come closer… clearing a path to the center? no resistance to our arrival is apparent, though I can feel tentative individuals following as we pass. As we approach the center there is a wide open space in front of the domed building, and drawn up are hundreds of human troops, with crossbows even!, and a group of strange Pale warriors in pairs, there are also what look to be witches or female mages on a dais around a woman with silver hair, Vialle is also there but bound and helpless, but not gagged.

As we begin to approach the silver haired leader calls out to us, “Random is forfeit as he must be cut from that ones life, but you are able to choose (looking at me) you can walk to the side and sit this out or you may die with Random.” (the witch is downwind but I can feel something wrong with her from here) Random turns to me and asks which way I choose to go, and I tell him I figure on his wife being better than these scum, so we turn together to attack, with the strange pale guards pairing off and blocking our approach, Random whispers to me that he’s heard of these beings, called Moonriders of Ghenesh, they are tough but there is a trick with getting their blood on your blade to make them easier to hit, and he says they fade in and out of reality, though the blood should make it easier to hit them phased out.

I just grin and switch to Anthro form.. they were obviously not expecting me to turn into a 9 foot werewolf, and this slows the two moonriders approaching me and I notice that the human army they have is not attacking yet, Random and I go back to back, and we begin fighting these strange beings. He gets the first blood as they don’t want to stay solid for me to claw, so as he finishes the first pair and a second moves in on him, I call “switch” and we trade places…now I have bloody bodies at my feet and he has a blooded blade. I take some scratches as I get my claws wet but then my strikes become alot more effective and I begin to mow down my opponents with relish. The witches however have decided to get involved and cast some kind of web of power which approaches toward us, the Moonriders avoid it so I figure its good for us too…Random sounds like he is holding his own so I call “Heads Up…Full Offensive” to him and begin to push my way towards the dais, with Random keeping my back clear.

This excites several witches, but it also seems to cause a split in the defenders, since half or so of the Moonriders are down. Some of the witches begin working against the others to negate the net, and Vialle is released from her magical bonds by someone, a pair of the Moonriders back off and cross their arms, while we work on finishing the rest. Vialle goes after Silver Hair and locks hands, as I struggle to get closer to help. A Psychic wind from the dais comes into effect, and slows both Random and I to a crawl as the last moonrider falls and we turn to assist Vialle. I tell Random that we have to get the circlet off Vialles’ opponent and ask him if he can fly…he grins and I grab him and launch him into the dais, where he barely gets a swipe in to knock off the circlet(which is the anchor to a Mantle of Power) and he is promptly blown back my way by an explosion of power. So not only do I get to launch him, I get to catch him as well, knocking us both down.

Losing her mantle has turned the tide though and Vialle overcomes her at this point, breaking her hands, and driving out a ghostly being from her body, which is absorbed by Vialle. Vialle then hands her off to some of the witches who are left and goes over and picks up the circlet, she walks up to the front of the dais and puts it on. Announcing to all that she is Inanna.

After some cleanup, and some intimidation by yours truly, who goes over to the army and begins to inspect the troops like a commanding general, still dripping moonrider ichor, and still in 9’ werewolf form.

Random and I are briefed by Inanna/Vialle. She had pulled a Night stunt and “split” herself into good/winning (Vialle) and bad/crazy (wannabe Inanna) so she could get a chance to walk a pattern, she said she did NOT expect to find a scion of Oberon “loveable”. She was interested in making more moonriders…though she wasn’t too keen on the first step being KILLING a master bladesman. I discussed the fact that by tasting their blood, I thought that I could assume a Moonrider type form as an Avatar, so she will probably be looking for MORE shapeshifters. ( I may have to get a few volunteer weres from home for a bit of a test…a unit of ghosting weres would be intimidating.)

She isn’t ready to bring the Moon back in range of Amber and Oberon yet, and the Trumps are blocked on purpose here.. she was interested in getting on the list for some trumps and I discussed how fast she could ramp up a shadow and how long she could keep it there, as a Pattern Owner. My sister might be a candidate for accelerated learning and training. and If I was there with her I could make sure she stayed on track, and have some time to get a couple things done…(we figure she can push 7 amber days to about 1400/200:1/3.8yrs)

She also asked me to Pass along to Night that she’d be ready for a visit soon, and to tell Bel that they need to arrange for a Divorce. (she seems to be planning on Keeping Random around)

Eventually the guards catch up and are waiting around with us.

So until she loosens the trump block, I will work on my new power (3 pt Avatar) Ghost Werewolf. My combat form may be a full wolf, but the intimidation factor is higher in my Anthro form. So a 9’ Werewolf that Ghosts in and out And is resistant to normal weapons, should be terrifying to most opponents we might meet. (7 more points to up that Avatar to a +2 Warfare stunt, 3 then 4)
Phases in and out, flies (slowly-Psyche)

[Inanna essentially shifted her world into the notional remnant or memory of Heaven/Godhome, anchored a bit — periodically — by Amber.

My Moonriders are inspired by/ripped off from the Twins in The Matrix II, though they and most of Inanna-Vialle’s people so far seen look Indian to Middle Eastern to Mediterranean. Moonriders can ghost out, fly about 20-30 mph while ghosted and, with practice (and more points), gain a pretty nifty combat advantage. A live ghoster would have to hold his breath while immaterial; this isn’t a problem for them. Moonriders are pretty good fighters, stronger than humans and trained to fight in pairs and use ghosting to maximum advantage. Also: more dangerous in moonlight.

The Witches all have silvery hair. Inanna A put too much power into Inanna B (Vialle) and eventually became a wraith. The then took to possessing, and using up, the bodies of her top witches. Hence their shift in loyalties.

Getting a divorce is important. She and Bel — mainly Bel — were gods of marriage among other things.]

Session 13: Trust is the Thing

William spends the beginning of the session justifying a skill point on genetic engineering, with an eye toward ChickieNobs for his happy Utahraptor/Masai followers.  He gets it from a shadow that certainly isn’t modeled on Cetaganda.  [Partially, yes.] There, at the cost of a few tons of refined metals and a semen sample, he earns a bachelor’s degree in gengineering in under a year, local time or about three days Amber time, since deliberately found a shadow running at 100:1 and kept it that way for a while.  Of interest: they keep a squad armed with fungal weapons to try and make sure they’re safe from him, but the “limiting factor” on these little horrors is a specific number of reproductive cycles before they run out of steam.  No limit means no stopping them — I’ve got a backup plan for the next Vall logistics base we find. 

Lisette spends some time recuperating from helping Bel, Julian, Llewella and Flora drop the Barrier to Bel’s domains.  The effort flattened all but Bel and Julian — and they took off when the detected two Big Bads heading for their position. Eric calls her and asks about Gaius.  It appears that Gaius, Random and Vialle absconded with Tir-na-Nogth. 

Lisette also spends a bit of time making trumps, and negotiating for a blood-trump of Moire.  She gets it. 

Little Red investigates the Argentovese Empire, a group of people on Shadizar who are centered around an old temple complex and have been working to reclaim the magical deserts that surround their territory.  After dropping in to cleanse a pair of contaminated aquifers, Little Red visits the Capitol (Argento) to speak with their Primarch.  Her name is Carofila, she’s a nice middle aged lady, and she gives him the dime tour.  They work out an arrangement to add Little Red to the worship schedule, and he will bless their work and vet the future candidates for their high office. 

Lisette and Bel discuss where the war is headed, and call in the rest of the children to examine the security of Amber.  In addition to deciding that search and destroy teams are necessary, the team conducts tests (with Julian) trying to build shadow-paths near patterns — Pattern Masters can initiate at about 1 mile from his own Pattern, or 5 miles from other Patterns; everyone else can do so at 10-20 miles depending on their Psyche. This doesn’t give Amber much defensive depth, but we can only hope that Vall is similarly limited. 

These musings are interrupted by a call from Brand saying that Fiona, who has escaped Vall’s custody and wishes to arrange a truce with Eric.  The team sets that up, getting Brand and Fiona a meeting at Amber for truce talks. 

The terms they agree to are simple: when Vall and Oberon are dead and all the witnesses of the pact know it, one month until all bets are off.  [Said witnesses being Eric, Brand, Fiona, Little Red, Julian and Lisette… and maybe one or two others.] Until then, they’ll work with Eric to avenge (or free) Blaze.  In addition, they form the nucleus of one of the new Hunter teams, and Fiona teaches a clinic on detecting potential and actual shadow-killing booby-traps both magical and technological. 

After the class, Little Red talks Fiona into walking the pattern at Arden in order to ensure she’s her own woman.  (Amber is contaminated; Tir-na-Nogth is missing; Rebma is closed to Fiona; Dworkin’s Pattern-between is . . . between; and Bel and Vall are far away, contaminated, and closed).  She agrees, and Julian agrees.  The walking waits for next session. 

Session 12: Care & Feeding of Shadows

William, Lisette, Little Red. Gauis was still running his coked out sister through the woods & and Honey Do’s for his Mom who is posing as the Empress.

o Lisette called by Mom – during small talk time after vigorous sessions with Bel. Earth was sped up to 5x for Trump purposes.
News of the hour –
• Corwin is dead – pulled brain parasite and he went berserk – choked Eric to the point of crushed neck, and Dierdre ran sword through head. Another death chalked up to Oberon.
• Martin in Rebma, begging forgiveness for being a dick and listening to Oberon.
• Fiona not available, even via Trump
• Brand not here, couldn’t Trump Fiona when he was, out with the Red’s
• Benny in Japan, Katsume is blipping in and out.
• Florimel holds the Lamborghini record from Stuttgart to Hamburg

Flora wants Lisette to extend invitation to visit Earth to Bel. She also wants him to meet with the new Pattern Masters, Moire and Julian. (They have days of experience and no training, Bel has millenia of experience.) Lisette will propose the solution to him, and see what he says.

o William is training the ‘boyz’, two bodyguards – spies, one big(Utu)(Triton – Shifter) for Moire, the other unremarkable(Quill)(spy). William is trying to stay on the good side of Moire. Takes them shadow walking first. Going to the world that they are allied with General Ervin.

o Little Red is consolidating Sorcerers in his world. Sent a message to every sorcerer in the Shadow. “I am the Astronomicon, voice of the Universe, Hear me O’ Sorcerers. I am now the source of all magic in the Realm. Bow towards the East, and utter these worlds, “Insert Ritual of the Progenitor’s Here” Person’s not following these directives, will be subject to spontaneous energy release.”

Looking to increase the Mantle for magiking. He also is giving Will the spiders with monkey intelligence. He’s is very fast at building racks and filling same. Building citadel. No hippo motif on the citadel. Hippo Guardians are just the first. Were-orca’s for the sea lanes?

o Back to William. Quill is really damn good at the skulking, thieving around. Utu is good, but not as good as Will. Both are better under the water. Quill has minor conjuration. Both Minor shapeshifters. Utu wants to go to someplace like Juraissic Park to hunt something, Couple of days out and then getting lead back. Found /Polonesians/ [something like a Maori war band] with a boat – wants to take the dino head back. Get back to Rebma, sail into Amber Harbor. Quill says he’ll get them back home after they rest. William is being recognized as the ‘King’s son’. Polynesians are impressed with Amber, but need a courtesy course in decorum. Stay about three days and then load them up with stuff and send them home. Moire is debriefing William about different things that have been happening. No Pattern walking failures so far but one was close: she’ raising the Psyche bar on who she’s allowing to walk her Pattern. Moire recommends William go to see his father. ‘Cause that’s what you do when you are in town, and he’s in town too.

o Lisette is going to talk to Bel and invite him to see Earth. Lisette speaks on the beauty of Earth and the differences between the worlds. He will agree, but needs a day or so. Setting up events and such. Run down to Rio for a day or so, hit the high spots for things. Contacting Flora to get a hold of Julian, then speak to Llewella to speak to Moire and see if she is busy, or can make it to Earth to meet another owner of Pattern. So Bel comes, and relaxes. Sunbathing and such in Rio.

o Little Red blesses Gem cutting and with his big brain, looking to do gem cutting on the gem of people that he captured the Psyche in. Finds out that, sadly there’s no correlation between the parts of the gem and where any given imprisoned spirit, or part of same, is within it. Physically the gems are diamonds formed from local carbon and enchanted up to many times normal hardness. Experimenting to unravel the spirit that is inside the ‘diamond’. Turned him into a ‘proto-elemental’ and then conjured said elemental to animating the matter around it.

o Corwin’s funeral, finds out a few things. Moire introduces Morwyn, Corwin’s and Moire’s daughter, a precocious four year old. Kept under wraps. Eric shocked as well. [Everyone was under the impression that the window of Amberite fertility had closed some time ago.] Afterward, a wake with many stiff drinks all around. Then Dragons happened. One trumped in, and a second was coming. Lisette, Llewella, Brand & Flora forced the second out, and the poor bastard sole dragon stuck in the courtyard (where offensive spells work fine) gets ganged by half the family. Lisette got some impressions from the dying dragons mind, it was Val: he intended to pop 4-5 dragons in as meat shields and then Thrall Amber City personally. Could be Blaise’s deck, who was captured and/or dead, and Fiona was injured in attack and has not been heard of since. Nothing in the story details where and how this attack was carried out. The very toxic dragon is rendered, processed, moved up the mountain and burned via elemental animation by the several family conjurors present – some of the stronger members will be getting a new bow or two out of it, and Lisette got a quart of poison from the Dragon. Lisette also suggests that the courtyard be changed so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Eric wants the remains of the Dragon — some clinkers — in an urn. Val seems to be exploring options but has bad luck with timing. Julian was thinking about Val trying different quick and dirty options. Thralls are not the uber powerful thing that he envisioned that they were. They are still effective, but not with someone who is good and powerful that is directly involved on the battlefield, they lose their effectiveness. Folks decided to get balls drunk and then other people wandered away.

o William is now the Warleader of Velociraptors. ADHD raptors. Tribal things – large carnivores and now he is attempting to put together an army. Horse trading is happening – but using spider monkeys and mastodon riders. Apparently William ‘has a nice little shadow’. Going to shadow walk to find the magic ‘meat beans’.

o Little Red is exploring his shadow – getting the lay of the land. Finding some civilizations that are thriving. Building links between civilizations. Putting time into building routes between countries. Iron Age empires. Needs to kill big sea beasties, who are magically engineered weapons of mass destruction, not properly part of the ecology, and in his way. Decides to identify and curse all of them.

o Lisette and Bel are enjoying Earth and cultural experiences. Summit happens – Julian is civil, Moire has her people with her. Pattern master talk happens. Going into the advanced things that can be done. Stealth, Cursing, Scrying, Nullification, Starry Way. All three (and Lis & Flo) go to attempt to lower the Barrier. Using Nullification to lower resistance and wall, Lisette is working with Probability control, but drops, Flora drops, Moire drops to a knee. Julian and Bel finally drop the sucker, and now the migraine is ours to cherish for a job well done. But the Barrier is down. Gathers up everyone and gets out of the area very quickly. Either Val or Oberon were close, Lisette could feel them getting really close. But Trumped back to Earth. Recovery all around.


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