Amber-- Palace

Amber Palace is basically square with a large square courtyard in the middle, four stories tall with six story towers at each corner. The upper floors of the West, North and East sides have hallways running down the centers, rooms to either side and loggias along the courtyard. They contain offices, meeting rooms, sitting rooms, guest rooms, the Princes’ and Princesses’ apartments, housing for live-in staff, a small barracks, storage, etc. The South side is wider and contains the larger public and official spaces (throne room, great hall, palace offices of the various royal secretaries, etc), the kitchens, baths and laundries in half-basements, the library and the royal apartments.

The palace has excellent plumbing and ventilation and good heating. (Amber City is temperate, like western Portugal or mid-coastal California.) Water comes from cisterns deep in the rock of Kolvir, fed by captured runoff from up-slope.

Most of the servants and guards live off site.

The Castellan, Lord Henden, is in charge of the Palace overall, both guards and domestic staff.
The Chamberlain manages the domestic staff: maids, footmen, carpenters, cooks (in theory), grooms, gardeners, falconers, pages. In practice the Master of the Kitchens runs his domain pretty much as he pleases.
The Captain of the King’s Guard commands the palace guard and oversees the City Guard Regiment, the City Militia and the City Watch. The regiment acting as the City Guard changes from year to year at the King’s direction. The City Watch includes a number of King’s Detectives (retired spies of the right type) who train and aid (run roughshod over) the Watch when cases are difficult/delicate/interesting/of Royal interest.
There is no King’s Wizard position. The Castellan, Chamberlain, Captain and so on have mages of some sort on staff or on call. The City’s magical practitioners group themselves into small associations, circles, covens and so on. They police themselves (rat each other out) to the authorities with occasional, terrifying royal intervention — from Julian if Eric is really irritated or concerned.
The Lord Mayor serves the King directly. He directs maintenance of the roads, sanitation patrols, sewers, and so on. He mediates between the guilds. He runs the City Watch under the Captain’s eye.
The Lord Justiciar serves the King directly, overseeing the lower courts. (The higher court is the King’s or his deputy’s: Deirdre, Caine, Julian, Gerard or Florimel. In Oberon’s time, only his sons.)
The Master of Agents serves the King directly, commanding the Crown Agents: couriers, spies, operatives and counterspies.

Amber-- Palace

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