Campaign Introduction

Who are the PCs?

Your characters are youngish — up to 80 years old Amber time — and none of you have walked the Pattern. [No longer true.] None of you has been presented to the rest of the family.
Up until fairly recently no son or daughter of King Oberon had ever reproduced. If your Amber parent is your father he may not be aware of your existence. None of them ever had to worry about their lady friends getting pregnant so itʼs easy to see why they thought your mom was bullshitting them.

Tone of the game: Cooperative with secrets. You may end up in conflict with one or more of the other PCs but the game opening will bring you all together, give you a bit of a common dilemma, see you walk a Pattern and acquire Trumps of one another.

How super are the PCs and Amberites in general?
Because 1) I think it matches the source material and 2) I like it, Ranked Strength and Endurance are highly superhuman (by legendary but not comic book values of ʻhighlyʼ) while Ranked Warfare and Psyche are not. How strong? Think bears. Fiona is as strong as a small bear, Gerard is as strong as an unreasonably big bear, or maybe a rhino dressed as a bear.
PCs are young wolves in the pack compared to their uncles and aunts, but they are not puppies.

Whatʼs the situation?
King Oberon, Amberʼs absolute monarch and crappy, game-playing father has been missing for years without any explanation. His son Eric has taken the throne with the support of his brothers Caine, Julian and Gerard and his sister Florimel. Brothers Bleys and Corwin brought a massive army and navy against Amber and were defeated; Corwin is in the dungeon, blinded, and Bleys is missing and maybe dead. Corwin Cursed Eric and Amber as he was being blinded. Other brothers and sisters are variously missing, neutral or under house arrest. Most family members trust each other very little and like each other less, though good manners are still the rule. They suspect that their offspring will be used as leverage against one another. Still, official recognition should bring some degree of protection.

Meanwhile, monsters and alien armies follow weird black roads through shadow to attack Amber. Is this a consequence of Oberonʼs disappearance? Of his death? Is it Bleysʼ doing? Corwinʼs Curse?
In other words the game starts late in Nine Princes In Amber about three years after Ericʼs crowning and Corwinʼs blinding. Events, characters, places and such revealed up
to the start point in the novel are ʻsetʼ though Corwinʼs interpretations may be wrong. Later events, characters and so on of the novels may or may not resemble those of this game. Cosmology and cosmography are different — and in Amber games “cosmology is plot”. Personalities of the elders are generally not too inconsistent with those presented in the books.

Campaign Introduction

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