Amber: Something Wicked

Session 7: Divine Visitations

December 17th 2011

(Gaius catch up..)

Oberon shows up in Rema, (secretive, Nana chases everyone out but a loyal retainer, spends hours closeted alone) a nosy Gaius gets scent information from a ventilation shaft, smells Nana, the servant, AND Oberon.
 Smells the stink of Power also, and heads off to warn Mom, who is not pleased. Advises Gaius to head for the hills, she must stay to protect the people’s interests. Also she exhorts Aula to go at once with her art instructor and their supplies. Gaius calls Flora in and gets HER advice and has her stand by to pull him out if things get TOO interesting at the “Royal Announcement”. 
Next day the announcement is that Oberon has Returned! has Rejuvenated NANA to youth and has her under his thumb, he is also sporting a shiny, new Mantle of Power. Oberon announces that he will be forming the legions to battle an as-yet-unnamed opponent (Vall), and Gaius steps forward and throws down a gauntlet in challenge. Flora takes action and YANKS Gaius out of the throne room, she also has a few choice words for him too.

(Gaius is retconned into the Rebma stuff with the rest of the party… Pattern walks by Flora AND Benedict, etc…) (Full group… cast is Gaius, Lisette, Little Red, and William)

Meeting set up with Eric, King of Amber. Lisette and Flora chat about Eric, his (and their) plans and expectations. Flora trumps Eric in and introductions are made. Short histories of the new generation are given, and blood tests are arranged for those who’s fathers are unknown (or merely suspected).
Turns out William is Eric’s son, and they go have a private chat, when they return the pattern control is discussed and Eric arranges to walk the Tir-na Nog’th Pattern, to free him of the compulsions. Eric does a better job of controlling his rage than either Flora or Benedict. His pleasure at having a son might have something to do with that. Then Eric and William head to Amber to be introduced around. Will meets Random and Vialle briefly and spends hours talking with Eric and Deirdre.
Lisette and Little Red go have a chat with Martin about working for Oberon, was used like the rest of us. Did have more info on the abductions of the younger generation, and some about Vall’s forces. [Only knew of our four, Big Red and Katsume were a surprise. Vall’s forces tend to curse a widening area of an invaded world — Black Circles — and turn all the people within into mind controlled, fearless, short lived, stupid soldiers, who were used up wastefully.

The Rebman royals want to go see the dwarves they’ve been hearing about so a trip is scheduled with Gaius and Benedict going along. Benedict, very testy since his mental chains were removed, decides early that the group is moving too slow and challenges everyone to keep up, takes off Hell-riding on his super-horse, forcing the Rebmans to assume bird form, and Gaius into Wolf.
 Since we are coming by shadow walking the Dwarves already know we are coming and we are met by a crowd. Benedict is pissy but the Rebmans are greeted and a tour is provided, everyone troops off to see the “World Tree” again. This time it is discovered there are 7 standing stones around the tree, each being an ancient Maker who is connected to the tree somehow. We get a cosmology on ancient history and how the Universe runs. We are invited to meet the “Eldest” an ancient Maker who is also one of the standing stones but has discovered how to be in 2 places at once. Definitely interesting!

She has a Fairytale castle in Black, she is introduced as Night (goddess of the Night) Benedict is interested in security concerns (the Makers have roaming defensive forces, and Night can scry anywhere every night), Gaius in her Goddesshood (Luna!!h) and Twinning, Gaius runs out of questions and call Lisette in (with permission), she brings in Little Red and introductions are made. Little Red is religiously ecstatic, and has a billion questions, he also trumps in William who is introduced. Turns out the 7 Patterns are endpoints of the Creative flow of the universe. And Night can teach us how to Find the Patterns.

A trip to one of the patterns is suggested and Night takes us to Bel’s Pattern..(awesome Starry Hell-ride up the Tree) (Star Trick 5 pts) a Italian style Castle/ Medieval Village and Yari and Night depart, leaving the cast to snoop around and find out who Bel supports. Sneak into town, conjure clothing and blend in, Little Red conjures Translator Elementals, and we start gathering info. Benedict goes off on his own to evaluate the place militarily. First stop a bar! Begin questioning the locals, wind up being taken for slumming nobles. Go and stay with a peasant family and begin getting the lay of the land. Bel has 20 to 30 kids locally, and three or more mistresses at any given time.
Doesn’t seem like the kids are pattern initiates from the descriptions of the peasants.

Further plans will have to wait, since Lisette wants a BATH, we all troop to a roman style bath-house and Gaius feels right at Home!



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