Amber: Something Wicked

Session 8: Slumming w/ Bel

- Continuing in Bel’s Shadow. Session Date – 1/7/12

Present in the Flesh – Lisette, Gaius, Little Red
Present in Spirit – William
Also tagging along – Uncle Benny

Going to the baths in Bel’s Shadow after enjoying the hospitality of Ogi in the city of Kartera. Finishing up with baths, Benedict comes and informs us that the local authority is on the way, because they knew we were here – or found out. Doesn’t know how – maybe because of the Starry Path hell-ride. Officials are officially arriving. Troops hang back, archers are very competent. Wearing hats with sun-disk motif on it. Male and Female comes to us. Male tall blond – Mr. Smooth – mover and shaker in politics. Other is Grace Jonesish – seven foot two, nine foot metal staff. Both appear to be children of Bel. Girl is tall and lean, but appears very strong.

Greeted by guy in a very political and threatening fashion, and the girl pipes up as well. INVITED to meet with Big Guy. Apparently having an escort of Night and Benedict opens doors. Looks like standard insult stuff, Lisette has an idea on where she stands.

Little Red defends his necromantic interrogation techniques, Thoughtful Grace (girl) likes them alive and breathing. Drake (guy) also introduces himself.

Escorted to Palace – Defensive on the outside, but on the inside – makes baroque look ‘chintzy’. Impressive throne room. 6’4" blond, well put together – muscular, looks akin to young sun-god. He and Benedict do the whole war god – master warrior presence bigger dick contest – but in a civilized fashion – (close according to William).

“Your Majesty” preferred title. Not happy about Oberon or Vall. We sympathize with his displeasure. Benedict admits to being under compulsions and geasa to not question matters as they stood. William remarks that as we are being covered by lots of archers, they are all world class (as an aside)

Asks us about Inanna, “Night says that she is alive, but hidden, and we know her pattern is clear.”

Informed him that Night has ‘doubled’ herself.

We do the share the bread and salt ritual. Takes us all to the blue study, (NOW with less archers!!! actually 100% fewer archers). Sheng Yeen is the asian looking gentlemen, warfare based, strong, stocky wrestler type. Other looks Greek, 6’2", lean, greyhound, warfare, but mainly swordsman – Komun. Bel breaks out the booze. No chocolate!!! Lisette has ideas for new imports.

First Mother’s curse – “Upon beings of our origins, the Goddess of Motherhood laid a curse on any of us who would kill our own children. It’s not always effective.”

Wants us to find Inanna. Mother Night might be able to help determine if she is close or far from her own pattern. Might want to ask (Mother Night), no, tell her that He regrets what happened, and will not be interfering with the ‘other world’ (Underworld – Source of the Tree). He is barred from coming back and Night barred him from the Starry Path. He shares a border with Vall – which is fortified, but if Vall is sending armies elsewhere, it might be more porous.

Brand knew Phraedis was the Unicorn. Discussion of Oberon and his plans. Gauis has mandated that he is going to get it back from Oberon.

Structure of the Universe – War between the Gods – Destroyed ‘Heaven’, Mortal Realms were torn up and were remade. Tree damaged, but not too bad, nothing that couldn’t be repaired. (Bel analog for Baldur)

We introduce ourselves – and an odd occurrence happened when Bel picked up the Trumps that Lisette showed – he turned his Mantle of Power ‘on’, set it to All-Seeing Sun (aura kicked up to something like 500 watts of sun lamp), and could not only actually establish a connection, he could detect the blood it was made with and get a bit of an empathic link through it, with Florimel (the subject) and barely with the maker — Dworkin, who was immobile and trapped. Connects with Florimel in the normal Trump fashion and introduces himself. Hands trump to Lisette, and the following one sided conversation ensued, “Yes – mother, yes – yes – of course, no, not bad. Yes – he’s still here. No – I won’t. MOTHER!”

His power was evident, but not being pushed through the link.

Explaining about parenting and makers and heritage. Also explaining about genealogy and Little Red’s concerns about parenting and defects and the like.

Four are half-brothers – Vall, Bel, Oberon, & Dworkin. Three are unrelated excepts ancestrally Lir, Inanna, and Phaedris.

There might be a way to get Phraedris here to break the compulsions on her.

Plan A – Build Trump of Phraedris – Using Lisette as an intiator with Little Red as an extra power source and to use the Solidify Trump Contact power word, and Benedict with Gaius for catching Unicorn and pulling through Trump. Whereupon Bel should be able to remove most of the compulsions and forced shapeshifting.

Plan B – pretty much alot like plan A, with the exception that Lisette Builds a Trump of the Unicorn’s Pattern, we all Trump through, hunt down the Unicorn and then go through to Bel. If Will can get a pass from King Eric to chase the Unicorn around Arden.

Trump needs – Phraedris, Phraedris’ environs, Bel

Bel and Benedict go about a work out as it had been a very long time since Bel had anyone on his level to spar with; with quarterstaffs and swordplay Benedict could be slightly better, but in wrestling, Bel was stronger. Drew a crowd, William was rivited. Meanwhile Lisette is eating, shrinking and then working on making a Trump of Phraedris and the environs.

The martial display inspired a bunch of sparring with observers eager to try out moves they’d seen, William among them. Gaius and Gracie wrestled, which was appropriate foreplay for two very strong, “shifty” individuals; hot sex ensued.

Little Red – talking sorcery shop with Drake. Big Red the skull and gem comes up. Drake looks up references to another thumb-joint sized, red, glowy gem of power quietly notorious in godly history… gives power over the weather and lightning… Little Red has heard about the Jewel of Judgement. Apparently Jewel was from one of the ‘asshole’ god kings. When such an artifact is created, especially from the remains of such an individual, it does retain some of the personality of the individual.

Drake and Little Red are sharing memories and experiences, Drake is having a severe mancrush on Little Red, especially with all the neat things he has experienced. LR has a complicated spell for banishing fatigue while Drake prefers to use pharmaceuticals. Drake really really really wants to see the tree. LR will ask about progeny and them being able to see Otherworld.

Lisette finally gets her audience with Bel for a portrait seating. (Trump of Bel) Sensory probe apparatus is NOT in effect, especially so Lisette can get a more accurate ‘capture’ of ‘who he is’ rather than who he is with his mantle of power. So as she is working, a long line of curious looker on’s go by to see the little girl painting on the big card. So 2 hours later, she is done.

Gaius and Gracie – hour 6 – and still going strong. More perfect pairings may not exist.

Bel wants to send Drake and Little Red to Earth, Gaius and Gracie will interview Flora, and see about opinions about the other family members in a confirmation of the interviews that have been happening with Benedict and Lisette.

Lisette gets to know Bel whilst doing the portrait, finds out his interests. Riding, song, dance, hunting, companions, and expands the world. Finding shadows and doing trade between, but also takes suggestions and the like.

Lisette gets in contact with Flora and informs her of what is going on – Benedict out of funk, new people that we have met seem to be very nice, and not a tool like Oberon. Was informed of the latest that CORWIN has escaped!!! All indications are it was via Trump, none of the guards were suborned. Surmise right now is that Oberon was the architect behind his breakout. Gerard and Julian have walked the Pattern in Tir-na Nog’th. Embassy plan is changed; Grace and Drake, escorted by Gaius and Little Red, will visit Amber, meet King Eric and make preliminary deals.

Drake upon being chosen, was very curious as to what to wear and how many servants to bring. Little Red suggests whatever and one, respectively.

Trying to retrieve the Unicorn and break the geasa that keep her in that form, unable to speak and whatever else Oberon bound her with.

The Unicorn is curious and allows the contact. Grab-snatch (Gaius is primary) – heal (Bel uses his Mantle powers to stun her and drive the blood creature out of her brain — looks like brain matter till it writhes around in his hand while burning) – break curses on Unicorn (all the watchers get sunburns and tapestries catch fire). Now we have a naked frothing bloody primal maker that is being cleansed by elementals and then packed off to the ‘recovery’ room.

Night arrives in fine fashion on Frostmane a couple of hours later – sweeps in, summoning a Mantle from her temple in Kartera – examines Phraedis, gives her and Bel approving grandmotherly kisses, removes the compulsion on Bel, and says that the tree might take longer, but he is free to use the roads. Tells Bel and our protagonists that they had exceeded her fondest hopes. And sweeps out again.

Phraedis is more than likely going to sleep around the clock.

Going with Bel to the border. He went to fetch something that can take us all; unlike Mother Night, he can manage only one mount and its riders at a time. Comes back with an elephant. A really big elephant that talks and moves pretty darn quick. It’s not the brightest thing, but sufficient for our purposes. Approach the barrier and find that we can’t find Amber – or shift to it. Taking to the star path again they can bypass the barrier but from the other side. Now we can’t find Bel’s home. The starry paths move through the third plane, where Heaven used to be, and bypass the barriers.

Back to Bel’s castle – not thinking that he can manage multiple mounts and riders on the Starry path.

We also attempted to contact Dworkin, and consequently after preparation, i.e. put Lisette in non-flammable, climate controlled armor, got out into a non-flammable area. Bel powered up and followed the Dworkin blood trace again with much more force, Lisette in contact him by touch with an un-gauntleted but blessed hand. Lisette rode the contact int the Trumpiest place around, Dworkin’s Trump Pattern, contacted him and came to find that he has been beheaded and placed next to his pattern – by our favoritest grandfather and all around fun guy – Oberon. Lisette had to break off the contact when it got shaky. She ended up with second degree burns on her hand despite the blessing.

So now we are coming up with a plan to retrieve him. And it will work. Maybe – sorta, we’ll have to get on to figuring him out.



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