Gaius Furious

Prince of The Holy Lycan Empire

Psyche: 3 9pts (7 more)
Strength: 7 49 pts (15 more)
Endurance: 4 16 pts (9 more)
Warfare: 4 16 pts (9 more)

Shapeshifter, combat form is wolf..big wolf. Second form: anthropomorphous Werewolf. Can Increase Size, has extra-hard claws and is resistant to normal weapons and firearms/explosions in wolf/anthro form. Also has an Avatar form, Anthro werewolf but can Ghost out and back in at will. allows slow flight (psyche)(can add a +2 warfare trick while ghosted)added Unlimited Animal Forms, learning new tricks..

Basic Pattern (free) plus Send Others without you (3pts)
Personal shadow(Rema) early roman style world, low tech, Holy Lycan Empire (holy roman empire).. has control of contents

Quirk: Scent ID
Quirk: Enhanced Senses (all forms..wolf especially)
Artifact: Shapeshifting clothing, Armor, clothing, belts. Black, variable forms.
Quirk: Runner (faster/distance)
Ally: Empress of the Lycan Empire.
Quirk: Bard abilities (free from bonus)

Good Stuff: 5 pts. (Very lucky)


Early Life…
Royal Family upbringing, plenty of Manners, History, Leadership, Politics, Art, Music, and other highbrow training.

Darling of his Nana (Empress Prima Octavia), son of the Heir to the Throne (Claudia Calpuria), Father is Commander of the Royal Bodyguard (Titus Octavius), Older Sister is Aula Meridia [FRIEND].
Mom’s Half Brother (Tiberius Antonius) is Commander of the Legions. His family is his wife (Marcia Aula), Son (Servius Valerius) [RIVAL], Daughter (Tertia Livia) [CLOSE FRIEND] All of the Empress’s family is Clan Bloodmoon.

Nana has a brother (Marcus Galerius) who is currently exiled… He REALLY wanted the throne and has a family who could be problematic.

Significant Events of Childhood: learned to play a lute well, can play music by ear, perfect pitch. Developed a rivalry with his Cousin Servius. (details?) learned to track and follow by scent, hunt, and behave correctly at formal functions. Voracious reader, nearly photographic memory and learns VERY fast.

Significant Events of Adolescence: Saved the Life of Cousin Tertia’s Best Friend (Valeria Antonia Lucius) the Granddaughter of the Alpha Male of the Werewolf Clan Talon [Aunt Marcia Aula is also Clan Talon]. (they were out playing Follow the Leader, Wolf style… she “slipped” on a dangerous cliff run, and went over the side, Gaius was just fast enough to get a claw on her (surprised at the shift to Anthro form, first time) and held her for 10 or 15 minutes till help arrived (both off the edge, but Gaius had her and a good handhold on a rock, wasn’t letting her go) [ was Gaius not Valeria, early attempt, Gaius now suspects Tiberious or Servius but hasn’t any proof] Her grandfather was grateful and gave Gaius a ShapeShifter pouch (which holds more than is obvious and can stay with him while shifted). Valeria was VERY grateful and spent Months showing her gratefulness (later they stopped dating but remain friends still).

Adulthood: at 14 began training as a warrior (focusing on hand to hand and small weapons), [Also this is when he had to face his aldulthood trial- turn to wolf and have a strip of hide cut off and tanned and given back as a belt, Werewolf Leather] after 4 years he was “enlisted” into the 13th Legion, [Nana and Mom were quite insistant] and began his career in the military. After 10 years he’d worked up to Centurion Major, leading the legion sucessfully on multiple missions and military excursions. [? Who are the Reman’s Major opponents] Discovered about then that he has the worldwalking power very strongly. Spent the next 4 years training at the Imperial Thaumaturgical College on finding and using the weaknesses between the worlds to transfer. (also trained on Espionage, Guerilla Warfare, Special Forces, and Escape and Evasion to “stealth” in and scout areas). Spent a couple years “exploring” and feeding info to the ITC for other worlds and posibilities. (slaves, raw materials, food, etc..) [34 years old]

Trained Skills and Abilities,
Tracker / Scent
Martial Artist
Hunt Master (wolf)
Acting (amateur)
Politics (Reman)
Added Zoology
Added Music Guitar
Added Cabinetry

Rema, Holy Lycan Empire

Rema was a Republic before the Lycan Coalition (8-10 werewolf clans) took over, conquest by power, early conquest.
The humans are now dependent on the Lycans to lead, most of the nobility are Lycans, and Most Lycans believe they are the children of the gods, alot of humans do too…now.

Rema is a Romanesque type empire with alot of similarities to the early expansion age on Shadow Earth. They are still expanding and are expending tremendous resources to aquire more territory and tribes, both human and Lycan. Humans can aspire to lesser nobility, and slavery is a fact of life, even for Lycans(lawbreakers, debtors, etc..)

Religion in the empire is widespread, with a host of honored gods, Primary amoung most Lycans is Luna as world creator and night ruler, she has a champion named Oberon. This champion comes to the world occaisionally and acomplishes certain tasks, on ONE of those missions he seduced a Lycan princess and left, leaving her with child. This Princess became Empress as time went on, took a consort and had another child, First child was Female, second was Male. The child/grandchildren of Oberon became known as God-Born and are rulers of the empire. Many are starting to worship the God-born as children of Oberon, and natural links to the gods.

“The Rebellion” took place shortly after the Empress took the throne, Her natural brother Prince Markus Galerius attempted to take it from her, and was viciously beaten and sent into exile…swearing to return and avenge his removal. (the young empress had gathered a large contingent of loyal Lycans and Humans) He is elderly now, if still alive. But probably has a family whom could be ready to make good on his promise to return.

Gaius Furious

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